Why choose an A.Celli E-WIND® P100/P100H paper rewinder

By: Irene D'Olivo - A.Celli Paper

Why choose an A.Celli E-WIND® P100/P100H paper rewinder
A.Celli E-WIND® P100/P100H paper rewinder.

When it comes to the rewinding process of cardboard and papers, not all machines are up to the task: you need an end line that does not affect any of the properties of the paper obtained in the upstream production stages.

A.Celli has become a leader in the rewinding process thanks to a constant search for excellence, and our E-WIND® P100 solution, together with the P100H variant dedicated to special papers, are worthy examples.

A.Celli E-WIND® P100 and P100H – main features

The E-WIND® P100 rewinder is ideal for processing printing and writing paper, cardboard and all those that are called “flat papers” in jargon. It is a perfect solution for companies with high production volumes that therefore require high speeds and maximum efficiency. The E-WIND® P100 is mainly composed of:

Unwinder: composed of a supporting structure suitable for receiving the reel with the shaft and an unwinding device consisting of a motor aligned with the reel.

Slitting unit: To reduce the sheet to the final widths requested by the customer, the rewinder uses a scissor system with slitting units consisting of a circular knife and counter-knife, with a diameter of 200 mm and 250 mm respectively,  capable of guaranteeing a minimum slitting width of 210 mm (and less, if required, for special products). In addition, the materials used for the blades ensure a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

Rewinder: it uses a configuration with two carrying drums and provides, in addition to accurate controls of the TNT parameters (Tension, Nip and Torque) and the automatic change of the finished reel, a series of options including the automatic system for core handling and gluing, the tail gluing system and the possibility of using rubber-coated carrying drums.

As regards the field of application of the two solutions, the E-WIND® P100 is able to manage mother reels with a diameter up to 4.5 m and finished reels with a maximum diameter of 2.4 m. The maximum supported width is 7 m, with basis weights up to 500 gsm, while the maximum speed is 2600 m/min with an acceleration up to 45 m/min/sec.

The E-WIND® P100H, on the other hand, is the right choice if you need to process papers up to 8 m in width and is able to manage reels with diameters up to 4.5 m (on the unwinder). This rewinder is ideal for processing paper and test-liner at high speeds (up to 2500 mpm), but it is also excellent for the production of core boards and various other types of papers, such as light coated, wear-resistant, cigarette and decorative papers.

Now let’s see in detail the specific solutions adopted by the P100 and P100H.


A.Celli provides you with the possibility of using one of the following configurations:

Stand alone unwinder.

Unwinder in line with the pope reel of the paper machine.

The unwinder can also be equipped with a storage station for the shafts and an automatic system for shaft loading.


The slitting section of the P100 and P100H rewinders includes a lead in roll and the possibility of making adjustments to the sheet in the Machine Direction (MD) by means of a mechanical jack on the lead in roll itself (+/- 40 mm on the operator side).

The “slitto” rolls, positioned before and after the slitting group to guide the sheet, are sectional, non-motorized and made in aluminum, with a coating dedicated to the various possible applications and equipped with the latest generation load cells.

Immediately after, we find two bowed and sectional rolls, chromed and provided with a groove for air discharge. These rolls, with variable deflection (with hydraulic pump) and variable incidence (with electric motor), have the function, respectively, of spreading and keeping the sheet of paper parallel.

Coming then to the actual slitting section, the objective of A.Celli is to guarantee the highest cutting performance levels in the long term. This is why the knives and counter knives used in our rewinders are designed to last for a long time and to minimize the necessary maintenance interventions. Specifically, the knives, with a diameter of 200 mm, are built with the best steels on the market, such as CPM 15 or ASP 20, while the 250 mm counter-knives are made of tungsten carbide.

The positioning of the knives is semi-automatic, with the possibility of digitally displaying their position via a special monitor. On request, however, it is possible to install our patented system for the automatic positioning of the cutting units, the A.Celli Slittomatic®.


As for the handling and gluing of the cores, the entire process is automated: a core pusher inserts the new cores into the loader during the winding phase and a spray gun applies the glue on the core for the first winding. The cores are positioned between the carrying drums thanks to a loader installed on the ejector. The aforementioned rolls have a diameter ranging from 705 mm to 950 mm and acre equipped with a tungsten carbide or rubber coating, used for the processing of some types of special papers.

The rear drum is connected to a vacuum system for paper changing purpose and is provided with helical grooves for increased air exhaust.


Special chucks are used to wind the reel, whose lifting and lowering movements and their locking take place by means of hydraulic cylinders. The chucks slide on guides through linear bearings and their positioning, to adapt to different slitting formats, takes place thanks to the use of motorized jacks.

The rider roll is managed with an adjustable downward pressure but, in any case, higher than the thrust force of the reels during winding. As for the ascent and descent movement of the rider roll, this is controlled by hydraulic cylinders mounted on the frame. Last but not least, there are dust and trims removal systems.

E-WIND® P100 (H): safety and maintenance

Like all A.Celli machines, the E-WIND® P100 (H) is equipped with a complete and efficient protection system to ensure maximum safety of the staff and structures. Among the solutions adopted we can include perimeter protections, gates with electric locks, a specific safety system of the rider roll and photoelectric barriers.

To ensure perfect slitting quality at all times, A.Celli provides preventive maintenance plans for the knives and counter-knives to avoid sudden and unexpected machine downtimes caused by the wear of the blades.


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