Problems in Tissue rewinding: how to solve them with A.Celli E-WIND® T100 Rewinder

by: Irene D'Olivo - A.Celli Paper

Problems in Tissue rewinding: how to solve them with A.Celli E-WIND® T100 Rewinder

The unwinding and winding operation, the so-called Tissue rewinding, is a process that requires special precautions. This is due to the delicate nature of the material itself and the need to preserve the creping and density obtained in the production process to maintain the softness and bulkiness that distinguish it.

An incorrect or inaccurate rewinding process may cause, for example, an elongation of the wound material with a consequent substantial loss of the desired characteristics. Such problems can be avoided by using a high-end Tissue rewinder such as our E-WIND® T100 and T100S. How? Let’s find out.

E-WIND® T100 and T100S: main features

The high-end Tissue rewinders of the A.Celli E-WIND® family are available in two versions:

  • T100, designed for winding with expandable shaft
  • T100S, for shaftless winding.

Both solutions are able to process Tissue Jumbo rolls with basis weights from 12 to 45 gsm and with a maximum width and diameter of 3.6 mt. and 3 mt., respectively. Both the T100 and the T100S also provide for the automatic change of the finished reel: once the desired reel diameter is reached, the Tissue paper is cut, kept in tension and in position, while the finished reel, which can reach a maximum diameter of 2,5 mt., is placed on the ground or onto a conveyor belt after the removal of the expandable shaft. At this point, the winding shaft and cores for the new coil are prepared and placed in position to start a new cycle, all automatically and in a maximum time of 50 seconds.

As for the differences from the technical point of view, the E-WIND® T100 reaches the speed of 1900 mpm and is able to handle shafts with a diameter up to 12”, while the T100S works up to 1100 mpm and can handle cores up to 10” in diameter.

The results obtainable thanks to our E-WIND® T100/T100S Tissue Rewinders

Our Tissue rewinders have been designed to avoid the most common problems concerning the winding of Tissue, achieving the following results

  • High process speed, efficiency and productivity
  • Elimination of the risk of excessive bouncing during winding, even at high speeds
  • Excellent rewinding quality and maintenance of the characteristic Tissue paper bulk, i.e. the volume given by the creping and thickness of the paper itself

The achievement of these objectives is possible thanks to particular design choices adopted starting from the unwinders. The belt, for example, is characterized by a design developed to preserve the properties of Tissue paper, with a more uniform pressure area of ​​the belt thanks to the arms used. The latter work pneumatically, thus ensuring the absorption of the differential pressure of the belts against the reel caused by the irregularity of the reel itself.

A.Celli Tissue rewinders also use special load cells, mounted on the driven rolls/lead in rolls of the unwinders, capable of measuring the tension value of the Tissue sheet and sending the relative signal to the control system of the rewinder, thus allowing a constant adjustment of the tension during unwinding. A strong point of the E-WIND® T100 is the design of the shaft locks: compared to the conventional solution, these are not subjected to axial locking, thus ensuring greater stability of the reel during winding and, consequently, an optimal final result.

During the winding of the finished reel, it is also essential to control the rider roll and the shaft locks. That is why the first is equipped with two load cells for nip impression control during winding, while the latter are equipped with as many load cells for controlling the lightening of the reel. Among the available options we find the possibility of installing a calander with two operating modes: Nip control and Gap control.

Nip control makes the paper softer and smoother by adjusting the linear load between the two rolls. This property is very important especially for face skin care products such as, for example, handkerchiefs. The Gap control, on the other hand, makes the thickness of the paper uniform, allowing the two rolls to work with a very narrow Nip opening.

Cutting-edge safety and technology

To ensure a healthy and safe working environment, the E-WIND® T100 provides a dust removal system with wet scrubber capable of reducing up to 5 mg/m3 (or 3 mg/m3 with total compartmentalization of the rewinder). There is also a system for the removal of trims, which can be conveyed to the pulper or to a dedicated baling press.

Furthermore, like all the machinery designed and built by A.Celli, the T100 and T100S Tissue rewinders are also equipped with a complete and efficient protection system capable of guaranteeing the maximum safety of the personnel and of the structures themselves.

Finally, it is possible to implement advanced Industry 4.0 digital solutions, such as automation, IoT and Artificial Intelligence applications capable of guaranteeing complete integration of machinery for the management and analysis of the exchanged data.


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