Gambini presents TouchMax.Twin and confirms its position as the leader in Performance & Flexibility

Since 1870, Gambini has renewed and innovated by pursuing a process of technological development that has now reached its full awareness.

Gambini presents TouchMax.Twin and confirms its position as the leader in Performance & Flexibility
Carlo Berti, Sales & Marketing Director.

The company researches, designs, and manufactures technologically advanced converting machinery for the production of tissue products in the Consumer and Professional markets.

The focus on innovation, which has lasted for nearly 150 years, is the result of a never-ending search for flexibility and performance that goes beyond the production process. Over time, it has developed into the Perflexion mindset, which strives to provide the highest level of performance and flexibility.

In recent years, Gambini has focused its attention on embossing and lamination since they are closely linked to benefits such as softness, strength, and bulk, which are the most anticipated and recognized by consumers.

By concentrating much of its energy on innovative embossing, Gambini has created the new TouchMax Family that represents the highest point in the development of all the concepts of efficiency, readiness for use, and interchangeability, which over the years the company has brought to the tissue industry.

Its excellent versatility is somehow a mirror of the versatility of the R&D department that for years has been continuously searching for cutting-edge solutions able to suit every type of need.

Its mission is to innovate by creating value for the customer. In order to do this, it is crucial to have 360 degrees of flexibility. “Flexibility is a value itself, because someone who is flexible listens to others, be it the market or the customer,” states Sales and Marketing Director Carlo Berti, who continues, “Openness to dialogue is the vehicle of an equal relationship, a participation made of respect and proactivity that makes things happen.”

TouchMax.Twin, the newcomer in the TouchMax family, was born from this dialogue with customers and the understanding of their needs. The original TouchMax was the first flexible embosser that, housing up to five steel embossing rolls on-board, allows for a fully automated product changeover in 3 minutes via the HMI panel. Thus giving the capability of achieving a large variety of products without removing and/or replacing any steel rolls in the machine.

TouchMax.Twin is the innovative answer for all those who need to meet different embossing needs while limiting investment costs. Today, this embosser can emboss tissue products in 3 types of configurations as requested by the market: Point-to-Point, Synchronized and Random.

TouchMax.Twin, taking advantage from the benefits of the original TouchMax, is more compact and easy to maintain while keeping the highest levels of safety for the operators. This new embosser also permits a two-fold and innovative set-up of the machine that allows it to work with steel embossing rolls of both 355 and 409 mm diameters. It is also ideal for retrofits into existing lines that enable customers to expand their product range while maintaining existing ones. Thus exponentially increasing the efficiency and flexibility of the production process.


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