Valmet chosen again as the third most attractive employer by the engineering students in Finland

Valmet chosen again as the third most attractive employer by the engineering students in Finland

Valmet has been chosen as the third most attractive employer by engineering students in Finland for the second year in a row. The ranking was published in Universum’s annual Talent Research, which is the biggest employer survey in Finland.

In recent years, Valmet has been actively developing its student and university collaboration in Finland and abroad. The focus has been on developing new trainee programs, establishing a global concept for university cooperation, collaborating with schools to make engineering as a subject more attractive to middle schoolers and continuing to run an active summer trainee program in Finland and Sweden. For the summer of 2022, Valmet is set to have close to 500 summer trainees working in Valmet locations around Finland.

“It is a big honor to be recognized as an attractive employer. It means that we are on the right track and that our efforts to attract and build relationships with future talents are paying off. The students and trainees who work with us contribute significantly to Valmet’s working environment by energizing their colleagues and affording us a glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of a new generation. The dialogue that takes place within the organization is very meaningful for our summer trainees and our professionals,” says Julia Macharey, SVP, Human Resources and Operational Development, Valmet.

About the Universum Talent Research

Every year, university students vote for their ideal employers in Finland’s largest career-related study – the Universum Talent Research. This year, over 13,000 students from different areas of study in Finland provided insight on company characteristics they find most attractive in a potential employer as well as who they perceive to be their ideal employer. Valmet was included in the ranking in the fields of Engineering, Business, Natural Sciences and, for the first time ever, Information Technology.


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