Resolute CEO honored for strong, principled defence of forest products industry

Richard Garneau, Resolute’s and chief executive officer, is the proud recipient of the John Dobson Medal for Free Enterprise – for a lifetime of principled leadership and advocacy on behalf of Canada’s forest products industry.

Resolute CEO honored for strong, principled defence of forest products industry
From left to right: Michel Kelly-Gagnon, president and ceo of the Montreal Economic Institute, Richard Garneau, president and ceo of Resolute and Azi Kiriazidis, president of the John Dobson Foundation.

The Dobson Medal is presented annually by the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) in recognition of a career spent defending free markets and entrepreneurship.

On May 11, in awarding the Dobson Medal to Richard Garneau, MEI’s Chief Executive Officer Michel Kelly-Gagnon saluted his courage, and his commitment to Resolute’s shareholders, customers, communities and employees.  “We look for individuals who are vocal in their defence of the free market and who go above and beyond in fighting regulatory overreach or the lobby groups that aim to undermine the market economy. This year’s winner is one hell of a fighter.”

In his remarks, Mr. Garneau commented on the need for the forest products industry to continue to defend itself against attacks of misinformation and intimidation. “We have a moral and ethical obligation to fight back – to hold people accountable – to tell the truth. When people distort reality and inflict harm, we must not be afraid to confront them. Life has taught me that you must stand up for what you believe in.  That’s how I conduct myself each and every day. At Resolute, it is an essential component of our culture, something we call, “principled leadership.”

John Dobson was himself a principled leader and renowned Canadian investor who started the Formula Growth Fund. His John Dobson Foundation, established in 1986, supports entrepreneurial studies programs at McGill University and more than a dozen other universities across Canada.


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