Paper Excellence Canada publishes sustainability report

Paper Excellence Canada publishes sustainability report

Paper Excellence Canada has published its second sustainability report: Building Strong Relationships.

“Building Strong Relationships reviews 2021 and looks at both our achievements and our opportunities to do better. In particular, it highlights the work we did in building relationships with the Indigenous communities in whose traditional territories we operate and our corporate giving campaign which had a greatly increased budget in 2021. The report also looks at our environmental and economic impacts nationally and on a mill-by-mill basis. From an environmental standpoint, 85% of total energy use was renewable in 2021 and we have continued to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions—now down by 66% since 1990. From an economic perspective, the total economic activity created by Paper Excellence Canada operations was $4.8 billion.”

“Paper Excellence Canada’s spent this last year putting our words into action and I’m proud of what we have achieved,” said Graham Kissack, Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety and Corporate Communications. “Our vision is to be a profitable, sustainable, and globally competitive fibre products provider that is environmentally and economically beneficial to all stakeholders and this year’s achievements have supported us in that aim.”

“We know numbers and charts aren’t for everyone, so we’ve also highlighted 11 different “Practices and Perspectives” stories throughout the report—some written, some video,” said Kissack. “These stories are linked to our website via QR codes and will give readers on-the-ground insight into our work on things like achieving 100% utilization of harvested forest fibre through an Indigenous partnership and supporting a local salmon hatchery through a hot summer.”

The report is available as a hardcopy report, an online document and a downloadable PDF at this link.


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