Up to the finished roll: Futura moves boundaries again in tissue converting

Futura SpA is widely regarded as the technological leader in the tissue converting segment. Its latest innovations which reach as far as the finished roll have asserted its reputation.

Author: Futura SpA

Here is the summery: “With Together – the result of Futura’s technical partnership with Plusline Srl – Futura makes good on its promise to introduce extraordinary innovations which reach as far as shelf-ready packs of tissue; then there is the JOI embosser, taken to a new level of automation and performance in its latest incarnation; automatic adjustment of the rewinder is yet another step to optimise output without manual intervention; and automatic blade-changing on the log saw including bevel measurement is a fresh victory for safety and efficiency. And now the detail…

FuturaLab is the beating heart of innovation at Futura. This is where it all happens


Together to the shelf-ready pack

Together is a highly automated, integrated system which can be installed downstream of any existing or new converting rewinder line, not necessarily produced by Futura, thus opening opportunities both for setting up new plants, and for making existing lines much more efficient.

Together includes log trimming, log cutting and integrated packaging, all in one line, guaranteeing a continuous flow of product from converting to packaging. The optimised layout lowers the risk of product damage because of reduced handling. It is ready to be viewed in action at FuturaLab.


The integration of Together in a Converting line allows tissue producers to optimize use of space. The compact layout of Together brings a drastic reduction in footprint of up to 60 sq m for each line, which also allows more lines in the same premises. Thanks to the high-level automation, reduction in components and the simplification of the production line, Together also makes management and maintenance of the line easier, reduces energy consumption and the number of operators required.

The simplification and shortening of the line, the reduction in the number of components (including the lack of chocke belts), and the quality of the materials used guarantee the continuous flow of product with no deformation, and at higher speeds. The fact that it is enclosed yet accessible ensures operation and maintenance are far easier and guarantees operator safety. At the same time, users can expect better folds, and a sealed and closed pack makes for a more hygienic, better protected finished product.


Automatic change of embossing rolls with the Andromeda System.


JOI for the 2020s. The JOI news includes a complete revision of the transmission system of the embosser. Embossing roll changes are of course handled by the Andromeda crane including the rubber rolls, cliché and anilox. Combined with a new storage area for embossing rolls, which is fully accessible in complete safety while the line is running, it takes JOI to a new level of automation – even to the oil circulation system detachment which is managed from the control panel.

Forward with the rewinder. Automatic adjustments on the Sferica rewinder set a new standard for the industry. More than just a camera, the vision system on Sferica measures the position of the log during winding, calculates any error compared with the ideal situation and automatically sets the winding parameters. A virtual operator that is continuously supervising the production parameters, adjusting them and then if necessary triggering alarms before producing waste.

Critical log saw innovation. Automatic blade change on the log saw is another game changer enhancing the safety of the operators.

Futura lines guarantee tangible competitive advantages in terms of flexibility, safety, productivity and finished product quality


Furthermore combined with the unique, patented trim removal system, which is critical to the success of the Together innovation, and the log saw/bevel measurement system that enables full operation ensuring the quality of the product, maximising productivity. Thanks to a camera monitoring system to analyse the blade’s condition while it’s running, automatic blade grinding is adjusted as needed. This system keeps the blade in optimum cutting condition without disrupting production and without unnecessary grinding.



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