Toscotec introduces TT Defender for effective protection of steel yankee dryer

Toscotec has launched TT Defender, a groundbreaking innovation in the tissue market that consists of a special coating for the internal surface of its TT SYD steel yankee dryer for protection against corrosive steam. TT Defender has been successfully applied on the TT SYD installed on Lucart’s Diecimo tissue mill’s PM5 in Italy.

Author: Toscotec SpA

Since steel yankee dryers have outperformed cast iron yankees and replaced them as the new technological standard of the tissue industry, more pressure has been put on paper mills to more frequently check steam quality. In order to maintain steam parameters such as pH and conductivity within the correct range, increased monitoring and expertise has become a “best practice”. TT Defender is Toscotec’s pioneering solution: an extremely uniform layer ensuring excellent resistance to highly corrosive conditions.
It prevents the risk of chemical corrosion and related problems including mechanical abrasion, erosion and straw pipes plugging that can lead to an uneven humidity profile.

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Danilo Calamari, Lucart’s Paper Mill Senior Engineer & Cogeneration Plants Manager, is the technical expert who closely followed the project in Lucart. After personally entering PM5’s TT SYD during the yankee inspection performed 6 months after start-up he said: “I was pleasantly surprised at how good the Yankee looked inside. During our regular checks, we often find some magnetite deposits and soda straw blockage. Instead, the TT SYD with TT Defender appeared as if it were new, or even better: the entire internal surface and all the straw pipes were perfectly clean. Evidently, during its six months of operation, no magnetite deposits had formed inside the Yankee”.

Concerning TT Defender’s capacity to increase the yankee efficiency by eliminating the risk of longer maintenance stops, Danilo Calamari commented: “the paper we are producing on PM5 is high quality and has a very uniform cross-direction moisture profile. This suggests that when we will open up the Yankee later this year, we will most likely do just a quick check, without allocating extra personnel and extend the downtime in order to clean or replace soda straws. With TT Defender, we expect to find a Yankee that is always clean, and allows us to realize the best production efficiency in terms of both quality and quantity”.

Simone Pieruccini, Toscotec’s Pressure Vessel Technical Manager says: “TT Defender represents an additional guarantee of TT SYD’s operation stability. The positive results we achieved on Lucart’s PM5 fully validate the theoretical study carried out by Toscotec’s R&D. The advantages of TT Defender apply to steel and cast-iron Yankees alike: excellent resistance to highly corrosive conditions, more stable operations, and higher flexibility in the continuous monitoring and chemical treatment of the steam and condensate system”.
By virtue of its extremely low thickness, TT Defender does not affect the high drying efficiency of TT SYD. Instead, it increases its O.E.E. (Overall Equipment Efficiency) by greatly reducing the risk of unplanned maintenance stops due to soda straw plugging or internal corrosion issues and reducing time needed for regular internal inspection. This all leads to a greater plant performance.

Toscotec’s YES Service Team working inside a TT SYD



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