TOSCOTEC INFINITELife Service provides dedicated and specialized service programs to maintain the optimal performance over time and achieve an endless life of the Yankee Dryer, not to mention avoid damaging surrounding equipment. As the pioneer in manufacturing TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryer, Toscotec’s service network has the unique experience to support and improve the Steel Yankee Dryer operations.

Annual Inspections and Periodic Checks

Toscotec recommends at miminum to annually carry out a metalized coated surface inspection, a SYD internal inspection, and condensate removal system check. The annual technical inspection services that Toscotec can provide includes:

Metalized Coated Surface Visual Inspection. A scratch in the metalized coating can turn out to be serious damage for the runability of the SYD and a quick repair can save the entire coating of the Yankee. “Spot repair” is a simple technique that can be used in many of these cases. Signs of chatter marks can be a symptom for problems on the paper machine such as: Yankee doctors vibration, frame vibration resonance, chemical coating application or improper process parameters.

SYD Internal Inspection and Condensate Removal System Check. The correct distance of the soda straws from the bottom of the groves in the Yankee is important to keep a good paper moisture profile. We check every soda straw one by one along with their blocking clips. We inspect the inside of the straws for the presence of magnetite build-up. The scheduled check of all the condensate removal pipes seals and their status avoids risks of heat transfer efficiency reduction in your Yankee. We check the pipes condition, the bolts, safety wires, and the seals in each joint. With the aim of increasing the efficiency of the paper machine and to avoid unplanned and adverse shutdowns, the following additional focused investigations on the Steel Yankee are highly recommended and can be performed by our technicians during the Annual inspection:

» Preventive Safety Program check, in order to verify the general function of the Steel Yankee Dryer safety interlocks;

» Monitoring and measurement of the main SYD steam parameters during operations (e.g. steam blow through rate and differential pressure);

» SYD temperature profile data collection with contact thermometer and Infrared (IR) thermography scanner;

» SYD diameter measurement (hot and cold condition);

» SYD blades geometry check (creping angle, crown profiling, loading PLI etc.);

» Warm-up and cool-down procedure check;

» Condensate and boiler water chemical analysis for magnetite build up detection.


Toscotec recommends at miminum to annually carry out a metalized coated surface inspection



2 Years After Initial Start-up (then subsequently every 5 years) Checks

For safety reasons, possible compliance with the Local Authorities’ pressure vessel regulations, and possible insurance requirements, Toscotec recommends inspecting the structural welds and connecting bolts using the following ASME certified compliant Non Destructive Examination (NDE) methods:

» Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) on the internal circumferential welds of the heads, manholes welds and along the shell longitudinal welds from inside of the SYD (Fluorescent, Wet Particle Method).

» Standard Ultrasonic Testing (UT) on 100% of the circumferential welds on the center stay, on 100% of the bolts connecting the center stay and the heads and on 100% of the bolts connecting the journals to the heads.

» Ultrasonic Phased Array (PA) and Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) on 100% of the circumferential shell-heads welds (tending and drive sides) from outside the SYD and on the 100% of the longitudinal welds from outside of the SYD.



An ASME certified report will be supplied that can be used for both local regulatory required scheduled inspections and for insurance purposes. More information, guidelines and tips can be found in the TT SYD (TOSCOTEC Steel Yankee Dryer) User Manuals that are always supplied with every TT SYD and that can be followed in order achieve maximum performance and an infinite life of your Steel Yankee Dryer.


Unique experience to support and improve the Steel Yankee Dryer operations

TOSCOTEC INFINITELife Service for Steel Yankee Dryer.