The tissue manufacturing industry is at a crossroads, where the pursuit of sustainability meets the need for efficiency amidst evolving market dynamics. Factors such as rising market pulp prices, escalating energy costs and stringent ESG targets are driving manufacturers to seek innovative solutions. To address these challenges while maintaining product value, aesthetics and quality benchmarks, the engineering and research team at PCMC – a BW Converting Solutions company – has developed a solution specifically designed to meet this demand: the Paragon rewinding system. The rewinding stage of the tissue manufacturing lifecycle, where parent rolls of tissue are converted into consumer-ready rolls, can be costly and energy-intensive. However, it holds immense potential for improving fiber and energy efficiency, which perfectly aligns with the industry-wide sustainability drive.

Experience unmatched simplicity, productivity and product quality with the innovative PARAGON winding nest subsystems.

Unveiled in 2021, the Paragon system has marked a revolutionary leap forward in tissue manufacturing technology. Its unique design features motorized inserts (center drives) and a pivoting winding belt for unparalleled support throughout the rewinding process. This meticulous control minimizes the destruction of bulk, reduces stress on the tissue web and lowers the frequency of web breaks. This ability to precisely manage the formation and structure of the tissue roll during rewinding is key. Paragon’s exceptional caliper retention and energy-efficient operation ensure that the thickness of the tissue remains consistent from the beginning to the end of the roll, enhancing its firmness. The equipment’s ease of operation also differentiates it from others on the market, as it is less sensitive to paper variations and maintains consistent performance at high speeds. The Paragon rewinder’s patented revolutionary wind nest minimizes nip force and maximizes the engagement of center drives with the product, leading to a remarkable 150% reduction in nip force on the winding belt and an average 80% engagement of center drives, even at high production speeds. As a result, the Paragon rewinder is reported to outperform conventional converting lines, achieving up to a 25% increase in productivity, while simultaneously preserving roll bulk and optimizing energy and fiber consumption.

SmartTOUCH HMI is a game-changing human-machine interface providing intuitive navigation and situational awareness for the user.

An exciting application of Paragon is its integration with PCMC’s INVISIBLE-O technology, a brand-new innovation that enables the production of high and low-firmness coreless rolls, for both consumer and away-from-home products. This combination allows for seamless transition between core and no-core production, enabling manufacturers to adapt to diverse market demands with agility and responsiveness. “Coreless tissue is already thriving in European markets, but we see a real opportunity to expand into the US – said Walter Tamarri,
Vice President Marketing, BW Converting Solutions, Hygiene Division. The Paragon system not only represents a seamless solution for meeting future demands for sustainable products, but also future-proofs tissue manufacturing operations. By embracing emerging trends in the industry for sustainability, we can mitigate what would otherwise be a costly endeavor”.
The Paragon system marks a new era in tissue manufacturing, where efficiency and sustainability converge seamlessly. By embracing this innovative solution, manufacturers can unlock significant productivity gains, reduce waste, and contribute to a greener future. BW Converting Solutions is committed to revolutionizing the way tissue is made, one roll at a time.