It is no secret that in recent decades manufacturers have pivoted toward automating the production process at a rapid pace. And as the cost of labor has steadily increased, there is no indication this shift towards automation will slow down anytime soon. Tissue converters have been especially proactive in implementing automation into their production process as nearly every step of the converting process can and has been automated.

In 2004, Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp. was founded in response to the surge in automated tissue converting lines and has led the charge in automating the tissue packaging process ever since. Already boasting the most comprehensive roster of automated packaging machinery in the industry, INFINITY is further expanding their roster of automated machinery to cover the end of the production line with the R10SW palletizer. Responding to consumer demand, the R10SW palletizer can be integrated with Infinity packaging lines, enabling Infinity machinery to automate every step of the tissue production process after the log saw.

Infinity Machine & Engineering Corp. has brought its signature build quality and innovative engineering to the production line’s end-of-line with Infinity palletizing solutions.

A key aspect of the R10SW palletizer is its modularity. The R10SW is made up of modular palletizer sections that can be arranged into countless different layouts in order to accommodate production requirements, as well as facility limitations. The flexibility created by these palletizer sections make it perfect for a multitude of product lines, from single product to large-scale, multi-line operations.
The palletizer segments offered by INFINITY include automatic slip sheet placement, integrated labeling and fully automatic, fully servo stretch wrapping.
All designed to provide extreme efficiency and flexibility in a minimal amount of space.

The R10SW palletizer comes equipped with an articulated robot arm from FANUC, one of the world’s largest industrial robot manufacturers. The R10SW’s FANUC articulated robot arm is capable of quick cycle times and robust performance. The development of the R10SW palletizer has led to Infinity becoming an official “FANUC Authorized System Integrator”. Versatility and robust performance capabilities are built into the design of the R10SW. Vacuum or servo gripper end effectors can be equipped on the palletizer, allowing for high-speed stacking on a wide range of products, including cases, bundles and DRP. One focus for Infinity engineers in the design of the R10SW was prioritizing operator convenience and safety. This resulted in a machine that features multiple safety zones separated by access gates, allowing for safe observation of production. Access to hard-to-reach areas of the machine has also been improved, culminating in a palletizer that is as safe as it is accessible. Operators of the R10SW are given total control from the machine’s HMI. Convenient access to production information such as wrap status, load height and slip sheet quantity allows for possible adjustments in production to be identified and made immediately from the HMI.

As tissue converters throughout the world continue to embrace automation, flexibility is as essential in the production’s end-of-line as it is in the converting and packaging process. The R10SW brings Infinity’s signature innovative engineering and robust build quality to the world of palletizing solutions, making the production end-of-line safer, smarter and as flexible as the rest of your line.

Multiple safety zones on the R10SW palletizer allow for unprecedented machine access.