In recent years, the tissue market has requested products with different characteristics than in the past. Softness, high bulk, lower weights have become elements of absolute importance for the most recent types of tissue. At the same time, operators in the sector have requested machines, both in production and in converting, of ever-increasing capacity, and also the production sites have reached significant levels of efficiency. All this to optimize production costs even with types of tissues more difficult to produce and manage in all stages of the process than in the past. One of the phases of the process is the rewinding – slitting – combining which is between production and converting. So even the machines dedicated to these operations need to evolve technologically and from the point of view of performance to meet the new needs and demands of the market.

TP-Soft Touch, the innovative winding concept of Tecno Paper for Super Soft Tissue

Tecno Paper has always been attentive to changes in the products on the market and to the consequent new needs of tissue producers; this is because the core business of the company is the winding technology of tissue and other types of paper in all its aspects. The study of the technical team in Tecno Paper has been therefore mainly directed to find process solutions avoiding deformation of the reels, but at the same time allowing an operator friendly use of the rewinding line and an increase of productivity. More than ten years ago, Tecno Paper had already developed and installed in several paper mills a type of unwinder, named MultiFunction, with double unwind system: peripheral with belts and centre drive with direct connection of the reel spool to the driving motor. This type of unwinder helped to solve many problems and to increase performances, thanks to the possibility to use both systems together or separately. It is also fitted with a very accurate web tension control system with load cells.



But, nowadays on the Tissue market there are present products whose reels coming from the Tissue Machines have a very low density, thus making them difficult to handle in rewinding lines, and also the performances offered by the MultiFunction Unwinder might not be enough. This is why the R&D team of Tecno Paper has developed a new family of rewinding line denominated TP-Soft Touch, which starts with an innovative unwinder and then continues with an important improvement of the rewinding head.

General view of “Double Reel” arrangement. The Unwinder can be supplied also in “Single Reel” version and as a stand-alone unit.

The TP-Soft Touch Unwinder is fitted with innovative and dedicated drive and control systems for low density tissue reels, thus allowing to reach, and ensuring, high precision, accuracy and productivity for the unwind process on rewinding lines.

The features of the TP-Soft Touch Unwinder allows to reach the following performances: less specific pressure to have the needed rotation movement, thanks to extended nip on carrying drums; no “torsion” effect in the structure of the reel, thanks to centre drive assist; increased operation efficiency, thanks to fast reel change; high precision and constant NIP control, thanks to load cells measurement of NIP and reel weight; even unwinding operation, thanks to high precision vertical movement of reel spool carriages. The TP-Soft Touch Unwinder doesn’t give any deformation to the tissue reels and it can be installed in existing Rewinding Lines and Converting Lines as well.

Parallel to the technological and performance development of the unwinding section, Tecno Paper has also dedicated itself to the winding part and has developed a closed loop electro-hydraulic system that guarantees high precision in the relieving action of the chucks and the rider roller. The uniformity of the relieving action, its precision and the correspondence to the desired values of the NIP of the reel on the carrying drums and the NIP of the rider on the reel, are guaranteed by the system feedback based on the signals received by the load cells mounted on the chucks and rider roll.

When processing Super Soft tissue reels another issue arises: at high speed the reel stability on the carrying drums is significantly reduced, due to the high relieving action, with consequent reduction of the NIP on the carrying drums, requested not to give permanent deformation to the structure of the product.
This situation leads to an inevitable reduction in operating speed, which has the consequent negative impact on productivity. In order to keep high the productivity of Tissue winders, enabling them to match the output of tissue machines, also in those cases where speed cannot be raised, Tecno Paper has developed, and patented, a rewinding method, named “TP-StopLess” able to increase the operation efficiency significantly. For the productivity “speed is not all”, but efficiency has a great impact. This method allows to perform the finished reel change without stopping the rewinder, but only reducing the speed.


Main features and benefits offered by TP-StopLess system

  • Efficiency increase of the winder by 15% to 22%, depending on several factors like number of unwind stands in operation, diameter of parent reels, diameter of finished reels;
  • Very smooth finished reel removal obtained by a dedicated device which gently pulls the reel off the carrying drums and positions it onto the lowering cradle, thus avoiding any deformation to the reel structure. This device has replaced the traditional hydraulic pusher;
  • High precision “Closed Loop” NIP control of reels against all rolls during the entire winding operation (reel growth and finished reel change);
  • No free movement of reels at any phase of winding operation;
  • Bulk and crepe loss reduced at the minimum extent;
  • Control system and HMI are very operator friendly;
  • Integration with TP-Win 4.0 e TP-Service.

Tecno Paper is also very active in Service for rebuilding, refurbishment, modernization, technological improvement, safety implementation and certification of existing winding machines; further to normal maintenance and repair works in paper mills.



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