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Technology and innovation in tissue winding

TECNO PAPER has received an order from a leading european tissue producer to supply a tissue winder dedicated to process hankies, facial and napkins of high quality.

Author: Mauro Della Santa, Sales Manager Tecno Paper

As it is normal practice for Tecno Paper, who has the capability and the flexibility to customize its winders to the requirements of any specific application, the inquiry of the customer has been deeply analysed to find the specific solutions in consideration of the productivity, quality of final products and safety features required by the project.
The technological solution proposed is a winder of the family “High Performance”, but the model that will be supplied is an evolution of the models supplied in the past to customers located in different areas of the world (Italy, Poland, Indonesia, Argentina, Bangladesh, India).

The winder line is composed by three unwind stands and winding head. The paper width at unwinding is 2750 mm, the diameter of mother reels is 2500 mm, the diameter of finished reels is 2000 mm and the operation speed is up to 1500 m/min.
Following the product flow, the first new feature is at the unwind stands. They will be able to receive mother reels wound on cores, in which expanding heads will be inserted in order to be loaded in the seats on the stands. First change respect to the standard solution is the clamping system, keeping the expanding head safely blocked in the seat, that is operated by hydraulic cylinders instead of pneumatic ones. This solution assures the perfect stability and the absence of dangerous oscillations of the reels.

The competitive advantage of Tecno Paper is flexibility and optimization of its products and solutions

Still on the unwind stands, a second cross movement has been added to the standard one used for the mother reel centering. The additional one allows the change of the distance between the two seats holding the reels, in case the center line of the bearing housings changes due to different cores length or due to improper insertion of the expanding heads in the cores. The operation of the system is by electro mechanical systems on each unwinder with manual control of the operator from outside the safety fences.

Reel Centering System

Important features have been added to the winding head by making automatic several manual functions, thus increasing the overall efficiency and improving the already high safety level. The tissue web cross cut at the end of the winding happens when the finished reel is still on the lowering cradle and during its descent movement towards the discharge level (floor or another level that might be requested by a reel handling system). It is performed by a full width “shark tooth” blade that rises close to the carrying drums; at the same time, some air blows installed in proper position under the lowering cradle push the tissue tail back onto the core shaft that is already been automatically positioned between the carrying drums and clamped by the chucks. The rider roll descends and when it is in contact with the core shaft the winding cycled starts automatically. So the finished reel change is performed without any manual operation on the product and on the cores. In this way there is also a defined and unchangeable time of reel change since it is not depending on the operator.
The web threading from unwind stands to the carrying drums is performed by an independently driven slotted belt on which the operator sticks the tissue tail, thus avoiding him to pass by hands the product through the rolls and the knives.

System to change C/L of the two seats holding the reels

Further to the safety features according to CE standard, the more strict safety rules requested by the customer according to its internal procedures have been implemented in the winder line and in its ancillaries.
The result is a winder model, named TP-3US-TRH18-A, that combines the well known and appreciated easiness of operation with a high level of automation and efficiency able to match the production requirements of the widest portion of the tissue market. This winder can be also fitted with the latest technological systems developed by Tecno Paper, like the Web Tension Control at unwinders, the Closed Loop Relieving System and other features that make it able to process the Premium Tissue products currently present on the market.
Tecno Paper has also developed other systems dedicated to difficult-to-process products (textured and structured tissue, for example) such as Soft-Touch unwind stands and No-Stop winder, with finished reel change without stopping the machine, which make the company a manufacturer able to supply machines to satisfy all the needs of tissue producers on the market.


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