Technical innovation and flexibility are Amotek’s key words for 2019

Since 1977, Amotek has been based in the surrounding area of Bologna, in the heart of the Italian Packaging Valley.

Author: Amotek Sales & Service Srl

A new combination of Italian passion and creativity together with strategy and technical support was created, when Amotek joined the German company OPTIMA Packaging group GmbH in 1999. The tissue bagging machines’ solutions offered cover kitchen and toilet rolls for low and high performance line outputs, multiple formats of prepacked facial tissue and interfolded tissue products, as well as industrial toilet rolls. Packaging solutions for nonwovens and consumer products are also part of the company’s portfolio.


New sustainable machine generation

Everyone knows the PB182 model as Amotek’s top machine in the tissue industry. It is the right bagging machine for tissue rolls offering the possibility to work in both single and dual lane configurations. Nevertheless, Amotek breathed from the market the need to have additional choices. Therefore, Amotek introduced a new machine generation of PB192 models during the last Tissue World Milan exhibition. Technical and technological innovations are paired together to reach a wider configuration flexibility (PB192 FLEX) and higher performances (PB192 DUAL). The flexible machine setting from single to double lane, the quick and easy size changeover, and best performances at products output up to 150 ppm (productivity realistically increased by 30% at same lapse compared to PB182) are undoubtedly the main innovations. In parallel to the birth of the PB192 series, relevant improvements in terms of monitoring and saving consumptions have been reached and are now successfully adopted on all Amotek baggers.


Main features

Monitoring. With an incorporated computer technology into machines, more data are easily displayed on a wider, higher resolution smart panel and can be consulted directly by the operator. This information from the system allows the customers to understand what is going on with the machine, by analyzing the production phases and being able to act promptly in the precise area, in case of alarms. The artificial intelligence is also able to remind the main maintenance activities, automatically recommended, granting an easy care system. This technology is really appreciated from most of the customers that visited Amotek booth, it is also responding to the parameters of Industry 4.0, which is being requested even more in the Italian market.

Saving consumption. Air and energy consumption can be monitored in real time, helping to furtherly understand if an air loss occurred accidentally. Servomotors that allow the saving and reuse of the accrued energy during braking and stopping phases generate about 85% of the movement.

Style. Last but not least, Amotek offers a new smart baggers generation with the possibility to choose a renewed charming style and sturdier frame.

Amotek PB192, new generation.

The ecological trend in the market

In recent years, the global market trend has been strongly concentrating on and increasing the requests of the use of ecological packing material for having biodegradable and fully compostable eco-packs. The aim is to reconcile economic growth with environmental protection and social responsibility, balancing people, planet, and profit with the huge use of disposable hygienic products. Amotek soon felt this tendency and promptly reacted by setting its baggers to manage the different types of green packaging materials. This has been a large success among Amotek customers and potential ones representing a further benefit of the bagger features.

Amotek designed machines support the most diverse package formations, e.g. packaging of tissue products in vertical, horizontal or multi-layer arrangements


Amotek IS220, Bag filler for interfolded tissue products and facial tissue

Machine solutions

Another Amotek’s Tissue machine is the IS220 series, which is suitable for the bagging of clips of interfolded tissue products and facial tissue coming from the upstream line in different shapes. This model has been developed to have high level of flexibility for format changes, wide presentation range, and different infeed directions. Thanks to these concepts, market feedback has been very positive for the new machines that have been installed in different regions of Europe and Mena (Middle East and North Africa). As Amotek baggers are especially flexible, scalable, and customizable to adapt to the very different kinds of converting lines from all over the world, Amotek provides a very professional after-sales service for all customers, no matter their level of experience. It is handled with care by a dedicated and experienced team of skilled personnel, with the goal to support customers from installation to the production phase.


Stay tuned

Next unmissable tissue appointment to meet Amotek and to know more about technical developments is the MIAC show, from October 9-11, 2019 in Lucca (Italy). Amotek will be at booth no. 121. Amotek is ready to reply to any request, idea, or new project to create a win-win partnership and keep growing together.


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