Mevas system consists of two items built on separated skids: an evaporator installed on the air system exhaust and the _SP skid (tank and instruments). The condensate goes from the Yankee separator tank to the evaporator through an high-pressure pump where instant saturated steam is generated. The new steam generated by _SP is separated in a dedicated tank, regulated by the modulating valves and the related control loops, measured by the flow transmitter and reported (fundamental step for Black/White certificates). _SP operations lead to the elimination of biphasic flow, making unnecessary Heavy Duty equipments and cutting maintenance and operating costs. The new steam flow is monitored in real-time and controlled in terms of saturation quality and overheating. Furthermore, Steam Pack relies upon an automatic control system which allows a quick troubleshooting and an immediate intervention through the encripted remote connection. SIL2 instruments accomplish the higher requirements in terms of system safety.

The main key point is obviously the energy saving, which is strictly related to the environmental sustainability themes: by using the energy in the exhaust flow, which would be otherwise wasted, _SP produces new saturated steam suitable for the process, reducing the boiler steam supply and the overall gas consumption. In standard conditions, we are talking about more than 1000 kg/h of steam generated, up to the 20-25% of the total steam consumption. At the same time, an effective heat recovery allows to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, important in a perspective of a progressive decarbonisation. The other _SP “superpower” is the adaptability. The slim skid design makes _SP suitable for any existing mill layout, even the most complex. The Steam Pack smart design makes the system extremely easy to be installed and started-up, cutting down assembly and maintenance cost.

Below some project data of the latest Mevas Steam Pack installation for a primary italian client:

  • Daily production = 120 T/day.
  • Exhaust temperature (before R1) = 310°C.
  • Yankee working pressure = 7,5 Barg.
  • Steam working pressure (motive) = 18 Barg.
  • Steam generated from exhaust = 1063 kg/h.
  • Power saved = 623 kW.

Now, you are probably wondering if MEVAS Steam Pack is adaptable to your tissue machine. The only mandatory requirement is an high temperature before R1 (preferably more than 280°C). Once this point si estabilished, there aren’t huge obstacles ahead. How to quickly check the possibility to install Steam Pack, evaluating costs, saving and ROI? The first step is the _SP Check List, a simple document which has to be filled with machine and production characteristics, usually DCS/QCS screenshots are enough. In the meantime, we need to check layout and plant characteristics, through documents or a dedicated survey. After this quick stages, we are already able to do a dedicated turn-key quotation and a customised steam production estimation; then the client can easily calculate the saving and the associated payback. Mevas Steam Pack helps our clients to deeply optimise the drying process without substantial modifications to machine and mill configuration. In conclusion, _SP enhances the Yankee performance, maximising the overall energy efficiency and favoring the achievement of environmental and sustainability goals.

Steam Pack HMI.