There are many reasons in favour of taking advantage of a specialized dealer, however, one thing can be considered to be the most important factor for both the seller and the buyer of used equipment: the trust they have to give towards the dealer!

There are many kinds of dealers in the market, however, few are specialized and focus on the comparatively small tissue industry only. The majority of dealers cover a wide range of machines and applications which go beyond tissue converting machines. It appears, that they might have access to a greater number of customers and potential buyers, but you have to bear in mind that these customers are also active in divergent markets.

Moreover, they may also lack the knowledge about the rather specialized converting equipment that can be found in the tissue industry, and its players. Therefore, both the seller and the buyer have to trust the dealer with regard to knowledge, reliability, confidentiality, market coverage and networking.


A PCMC toilet/kitchen roll rewinder line supplied in 2016.
A PCMC toilet/kitchen roll rewinder line supplied in 2016.


Motives for Sellers and Buyers

At first glance it seems, that the owner of surplus equipment is pursuing a different goal than the potential buyer of this equipment. Obviously, it will be his aim to achieve the highest price possible for his equipment, while the potential buyer’s priority is to acquire it for the lowest amount possible. The seller’s second motive is to dispose equipment that is no longer required for many reasons.

The motives of potential buyers to search the market for used equipment can be manifold. The most obvious reason is the financial aspect, as a good number of converters simply cannot afford to acquire new equipment. The second reason is time, as usually used equipment is immediately available. The third reason, which applies quite often, is that with a used machine a converter can test the market acceptance of a new product without a significant investment in a new line.

However, their common goal is to do business based on the equipment available on the second hand machinery market, so one of the primary tasks of TISSUE TEC Sales & Service GmbH is to preserve theinterests of both parties and to handle their projects accordingly.


A complete GAMBINI toilet/kitchen roll rewinder supplied in 2016.
A complete GAMBINI toilet/kitchen roll rewinder supplied in 2016.


The Job of a Dealer

Acting to the benefits of both the seller and the buyer requires knowledge about the technical configuration of the equipment, the products that can be manufactured on it, but also the future availability of spare parts, the potential extensions/modernisations and, last but not least, about the marketing possibilities and the obtainable price. The seller needs to trust the dealer for a realistic appraisal of the equipment’s value, its marketing prospects, and also that the dealer respects certain sales restriction that may apply. The potential buyer, on the other hand, needs to trust the dealer that he is sincere about the equipment, in particular with regard to the scope of supply, the products it produces, and its condition.

Behind the scenes, for a dealer there is a lot more to consider, prepare and actually do than both the seller, and the buyer normally recognize. In addition to the above mentioned skills and knowledge, TISSUE TEC Sales & Service GmbH is also providing the full range of service such as machine relocation, refurbishments or intermediate storage. In the past, TISSUE TEC Sales & Service GmbH has successfully realised the sales and relocation of numerous converting machines, sometimes under difficult circumstances, e.g. by taking out two complete pocket handkerchief lines out of the 4th floor of a high-rise building in Hong Kong. Due to 30 years of experience in the tissue industry, the key people of TISSUE TEC Sales & Service GmbH exactly know their customer’s demands; they are capable to satisfy the needs and expectations of both sellers and buyers of used equipment.


One of the most trusted dealers in the tissue industry is TISSUE TEC Sales & Service GmbH


Their knowledge covers toilet and kitchen roll rewinders, industrial roll rewinders, napkin and pocket handkerchief machines, handtowel and facial tissue folder, coaster machines etc.

For any request regarding used tissue converting equipment, TISSUE TEC Sales & Service GmbH is a reliable partner in the tissue industry. Second hand machines – a matter of trust which can be relied upon to achieve the best conclusion for both the seller and the buyer!