Saueressig GmbH + Co. KG

SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT is a newly combined business unit of Matthews International Corporation

In the beginning of 2018, the subsidiaries SAUERESSIG GmbH & Co. KG, UNGRICHT GMBH + CO KG, Wetzel GmbH, DORNBUSCH ENGRAVING GMBH and Saueressig Design Studio GmbH were merged to operate under one umbrella brand to deliver varied surface solutions. The rebranding is designed to expand Matthews’ products and services in the global surfaces market.

Author: SAUERESSIG GmbH & Co. KG

Saueressig Ungricht commands an own engineering department.

The new brand merges a unique product range and therefore differentiates between two guiding principles: Technical Positioning and design-orientated functionality. As an international leader SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT offers a strong technical expertise. Within the surface sector this is based in the field of tissue and hygiene products, nonwovens as well as plastics processing industry.

The combined roller production consists of the manufacture of the roller body including its construction and engineering, surface treatment and various engraving departments as well as all important aspects of galvanic processes and plasma-ceramic coating.

SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT also has extensive competences in surface design. These are mainly used in field of decor as well as in the automotive-, leather- or wallpaper industry.
Customers benefit from optimized engraving processes and latest developments as well as innumerable existing embossing designs and forward-looking inventiveness.

The experts provide decade-long experiences.
Embossing Roll.

With more than 60 years experience, the Company has established itself as
a renowned expert in the market


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