SABA AUTOMATION designs and builds innovative robotic solutions for palletising tissue products, such as toilet paper, kitchen paper, paper towels, paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs, industrial paper rolls, inter-folded paper towels, from the exit of the packaging machines to the entrance of your warehouse. In the words of Alessandro Pollini, Sales Director – “tissue is an important sector for us, where, over time and based on requirements, we have designed and developed systems and specialised machinery for end-of-line management, bringing significant benefits to our customers’ production process”.

Particular attention has been dedicated to the design of pick-up implements for products both packaged and in display format. Thanks to the special grippers, any product can be picked without going subject to deformation so that it can be perfectly palletised. Another factor that distinguishes us is the machine management software (PAL), with an operator-industrial PC interface, which allows easy use of the entire system and complete independence of customers when it comes to handling new product formats. This software can be interfaced with the latest management systems for data exchange, etc. We employ it for our entire range of palletisers.

ZEUS Palletizer.

By combining our robots with our software, we make it easier to control all processing steps at the end of the line, as well as support in achieving consistent and reliable production. Thanks to the use of our systems, customers can fulfil all their production requirements. Operators are no longer needed to perform heavy-duty, tedious palletising work. The use of our robots also allows customers to increase production, both in assisted and unassisted shifts.

We offer preventive maintenance, support in the event of stoppages, supply of spare parts, etc. Offering our customers maximum productivity and reducing downtime to a minimum is our priority. Our after-sales support service works side-by-side with our customers for the entire service-life of the system. The passion, professional training and above all great experience of SABA AUTOMATION technicians is the guarantee of a high standard of service.

ZEUS Palletizer.

The evolution of the tissue product market is always in focus at SABA AUTOMATION. Over the past year, we have expanded our range for both folded and roll products, simplifying the technologies applied. In particular, we have presented a new range of Cartesian robots for palletising boxes containing folded products (BD) and very high productivity anthropomorphic robots for fast roll handling lines.

Choosing SABA AUTOMATION means relying on a leader in innovation and reliability for automation in the tissue industry, guaranteeing tailor-made solutions that optimise production, improve efficiency and ensure excellent after-sales service. With SABA AUTOMATION, you will have access to state-of-the-art technology and constant support to keep your production in step with future market requirements.

BD Palletizer.