Tecno Paper boasts many years of experience in the world of paper mills and in addition to the production of rewinder and winder, it specializes in the reconstruction and modernization of sections of paper mill machines. Thanks to the experience gained in the field, we can respond to specific customer needs, intervening in certain sections of the machine, in order to improve its characteristics from different points of view such as efficiency, productivity and last but no least the safety aspects of the modification.

In this case, an important group operating in the world of tissue products, asked us to evaluate among the various possible options, the best solution for replacing the existing slitting system in one of the rewinders present in the
Lucca plant.

The continuous and different requests from the market, in terms of product formats, have highlighted the customer’s need to install a new slitting system with automatic positioning, instead of the existing manual one, which can guarantee the right flexibility to meet production needs. It was therefore necessary to carry out a feasibility study made by our technical office. So we went on site to get all the dimensional measurements necessary for the replacement of the cutting unit, maintaining in this specific case, the same geometry relating to the paper passage and to the other accessory elements such as tangency rollers; on the other hand it was necessary to revise some parts in the trimming section, because they are closely related to the cutting geometry.

The project was developed by Tecno Paper with the help of a 3D design software, in order to make the installation as quick as possible for obvious production reasons, checking in advance all the elements involved in the modification, from the mechanical components to the electrical and pneumatic wiring. We supplied to the customer an evaluation risk document, related to the new slitting system. In addition, we supplied even the necessary documentation needed for the integration process on the existing customer’s machine.

Tecno Paper therefore did the installation of the new slitting system, having at its disposal specialized technicians who work in the paper mill every day, taking care of the maintenance on all the machines involved in the processes of paper production. Thanks to the complete set of special instruments available, such as laser aligner and theodolite, the new unit was installed in a very short time.

The final result is a perfect fitting of the new automatic slitting system in the existing machine, that allows the customer to face continuous production changes, with positioning time of the 14 slitting units in less than 15 seconds.

This setting phase is done in total safety by the operators, thanks to a new operator touch panel installed on the existing console positioned inside the control room. The revamping described in this article is only one of the possible modifications that can be made on existing machines. The targets of these interventions are increasing the efficiency of the machines, improving the qualitative characteristics of the finished products and adapting the existing machines to the level of safety required by current regulations.

These are the reasons why the request of revamping interventions on paper machines, rewinders and winders are increasing day by day.

Tecno Paper over the years and in the face of the experience gained, has proved to be the ideal partner for these types of projects.