We not only deliver pulp with strong environmental performance. We are also fully self-sufficient in energy, and a major producer of green electricity in Sweden. Arvid Eriksson, Sales Director Tissue Pulp Global (photo Torbjörn Bergkvist).

The best NBSK offer within the tissue business


SCA’s large forest holdings and state-of-the art mill enables SCA Pulp to maintain unique conditions, delivering unprecedented environmental performance.

SCA is the largest private forest owner in Europe and 50% of the wood is sourced from the company’s own forests. The other part is sourced from trusted, long-term suppliers, in northern Sweden.

SCA has created a strong and integrated value chain. An industrial ecosystem that maximizes value creation from the forest through renewable products and a resource-efficient value chain. “The stable wood supply from well managed forests and the strong Nordic fibres, with low variation and low coarseness fibres that are treated gently throughout the process is one of the keys to deliver unique fiber strength. Perfect for tissue and naturally complying with FSC and PFCE”, says Arvid.


Allow us to make a pure commitment to your business


Internal tissue experts and mill support

Tensile strength has been successfully improved, currently 10% higher than at start-up and will improve even further. Paul Wallstabe, Specialist Products (photo Torbjörn Bergkvist).

An important part of SCA’s offer is service and support to its global customers, which requires local presence. One of the key people many customers are grateful to is Paul Wallstabe, a very experienced process engineer and tissue specialist. Paul’s mission is to support customers with knowledge throughout the production chain. “We are always quick to give feedback to our customers, we honor it. And we understand how urgent it often is”, Paul says.
The requests from SCA’s customers can cover everything from back office, production, development, logistics and technical support. In addition to local presence, SCA has developed a support team that can quickly and efficiently help customers. “Pleasingly we get very positive feedback from the customers for the moment. Tensile strength and uniformity are good. We also hear that less drying energy is required from our customers. Feedback regarding runnability has only been positive, actually runnability is a lot better than our set targets”, says Paul proudly.


Pure innovation

To really be able to support our customers with relevant innovations we need to be very attentive, close and proactively listen to our customers.
Jörgen Bergström, Development Manager. (photo Torbjörn Bergkvist).

“We have always worked in close collaboration with our tissue customers to develop new unique properties and contribute to our customers business, it’s in our DNA”, says Jörgen Bergström, Development Manager at SCA Pulp. “SCA has a number of new, and completely unique products in progress”, Jörgen says. One example is the premium strong SCA Pure. This product has been evaluated by a key customer on a number of occasions and is now ready for launch. The result from the customers test runs show that less pulp is consumed (e.g. basis weight can be reduced), drying energy is lowered because less beating is needed, with cleaner back water systems and possibility to increased production. “One insight is that customer’s requirements can differ quite a bit, but new innovative pulp products are very interesting to many. We have therefore chosen to devote a great deal of development resources to chemically modify the fiber surfaces”, Jörgen says. Another interesting innovation is a new pulp offering high wet strength in tissue.
The new product has recently been tested and evaluated in a pilot machine with a customer delivering very promising results.


SCA Pure is a pure commitment to the environment, and our customer’s bottom line.
Produced in energy-efficient processes that use resources wisely, and sourced from our own forests. (photo Torbjörn Bergkvist).