In this 2020, marked worldwide by the pandemic, Overmade is sailing at full speed, continues its growth, and vehemently returns to the center of international markets.

Author: Daniela Martinelli, Overmade

The creativity, tenacity, clearness and sharing of targets, together with the desire not to lose an undisputed heritage of professionalism and experience gained in more than 400 plants installed all over the world, have been the guiding principles of Overmade since its birth. The wish to reach ever higher quality standards through the re-engineering and re-industrialization of products and processes are doing the rest.

“The vast knowledge present in Overmade allows us to work starting from solid foundations, but we didn’t want to stop there – says Mr. Stefano Marocchio, President and CEO of the company – in fact, with loyalty and dedication we offer to our customers tailor-made solutions, able to satisfy the widest needs, we supply machinery and systems that demonstrated to be: top-performing, flexible, easy to manage and less and less energy eaters. We always wanted to move towards rationalization, following an ECO and LOGIC perspective, and put our technical-technological skills and our global know-how at customers’ disposal”.

We engineer, design and manufacture complete paper machines, complete tissue and winders machines


By implementing an innovative corporate strategy, Overmade has continuously invested in the needed company strengthening to face bigger, higher demanding and complex projects. “If in the early years – continues Mr. Marocchio – we focused mainly on the European market, then we enthusiastically faced those extra-European territories in which Over had already represented a point of reference for years, we therefore developed our presence in America and in Asia: today we are proud to affirm that Overmade products are already working on 5 continents”. In 2020, in full Covid times, the company delivered important projects and launched new products. Between them a machine for tissue and an MG paper machine and winder for South America: machineries for which the technology developed by Overmade is particularly appreciated.

Overmade received an enthusiastic reaction to proposed solutions especially in the forming section. Already the Dynaflo headbox and the OVER Former CR were considered a reference point in the market, on account of the outstanding quality of the paper produced. In the last installations we were able to improve the quality standards and achieve, through the improved formation of the web, other two important targets: higher consistency forming and lower softwood fiber consumption. Consequently, a lower specific energy consumption (to produce each ton of paper) and lower raw material costs are thus achieved. “We are proudly sharing the reports of customers operating machines from different suppliers: for the same type of tissue produced, on Overmade Crescent former the softwood fiber content in the web is lower by 15- 20%”.


2021 will witness a further step forward in this constant growth, both in terms of technology and turnover: an important customer honoured us with his choice, commissioning us a turn-key tissue plant from pulper to wrapping line. “To grow today – confirms the president of Overmade – we need an industrial policy that is able to look at the dynamics of international markets, adapt tangible and intangible infrastructures, know how to combine services, research and innovation with the most advanced training of human capital. The ability to offer a wide range of solutions allows the customer to interface, for every need, with a single interlocutor. The improvement of the company quality standards does not necessarily pass through significant investments, but often through a harmonized use of existing plants and structures and a correct use of the network of companies created. The credibility of the system can only strengthen our presence on the market”.

In the meantime, the business plan has not stopped: the company has invested a lot in training and research, in human capital and, last but not least, in the purchase and renovation of a new owned headquarters: a strategic action, which will allow a more rational subdivision of the management areas and operating departments, from the production area of the plants. A constantly evolving reality that wants and must create value thanks to the people who are part of it. Always following the motto: Overmade, made in Italy, made in OVER.

New Overmade’s Headquarters.

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