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Oradoc and EINTEC: pushing business in India one step forward

Author: Sara Giunchi, Oradoc Communications & Marketing Manager

According to data collected and released by the Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA) and the Indian Pulp & Paper Technical Association (IPPTA), the Indian paper industry accounts for about 3.7% of the world’s production of paper; the estimated turnover of the industry is approximately USD 8.5 billion and it provides employment to more than 0.5 million people directly and 1.5 million people indirectly. Currently, the mills use a variety of raw material such as wood, which accounts for 25% approx. of the total production share, recycled fiber (58%), as well as agro-residues like bagasse, wheat straw and rice husk (17%). The per capita paper consumption in India slightly exceeds 13 kg, far behind the global average of 57 kg. Within the paper industry, the tissue segment is emerging as well, and enjoying an exciting scenario: India is the fastest growing market for paper globally, and along with the economic growth, increasing consumer awareness and disposable income, tissue consumption is destined to grow by leaps and bounds in the upcoming years.

Oradoc’s expertise has grown together with the partnerships of its customers

EINTEC group at Paperex 2017 - in the first line, third from the left is Mr. Vijay Singhal and fifth from the left Mr. LS Meyappan, the two EINTEC’s partners.

With more than 1,000 mills – of which about 750 operational – the Indian paper industry is highly fragmented. Top 3 players account for only 9% of the market: writing and printing paper and paperboard are the two largest and most profitable segments in the sector, with ITC (4.1% market share), JK Paper (2.6%) and Tamilnadu Newsprint And Papers Limited (2.4%). Most of the paper mills are in existence for a long time and hence present technologies fall in a wide spectrum ranging from oldest to the most modern, with production machine of many different dimensions running at different speeds.

Thanks to the long-standing partnership with EINTEC, dating back to the early 90’s, Oradoc has its share in the Indian paper and tissue market. EINTEC is specialized in pulp and paper industry, serving customers in India, Bangladesh, Nepal SriLanka and Gulf Cooperation Council (United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar). Since its inception in 2006, EINTEC is at the forefront in offering the best available products from world’s leading suppliers from Europe and has established the credentials with the customers as well as the principals. Mr. L.S. Meyappan and Mr. Vijay Singhal, the two partners, have put in more than two decades of experience in engineering and trading activities before venturing on their own; the company has now offices in Delhi, Coimbatore and a liaison office in Dhaka.

With “EIN” indicating number ‘1’ and color orange of the company logo representing ambition, efficiency and endurance. EINTEC believes in trading through excellence and be a well-recognized supplier to the pulp and paper industry.

The Indian market is large and appealing enough to catalyze the attention of many Eastern suppliers that make competition very tight, lowering prices and margins to the limit, but thanks to EINTEC’s well established and in-depth knowledge of the market, the trustable relationships built over time with Indian paper and tissue major players, the understanding of their plants’ products and needs, Oradoc has managed to consolidate its market share in the country.

Oradoc offers high performing solutions for cutting, cleaning and creping

Be it the revamping of a paper or tissue line, or new machineries or machine parts, Oradoc has been making business with Indian OEM and end users for the last 30 years, also offering after-sales services such as supervision on installation or spare parts. When it comes to complete doctoring solutions for the paperboard industry, OraClean and OraFlex are the two types of doctoring systems that definitely meet the needs of such production lines, for example in wet-end or dryer section. In many other cases, instead, only new blade holders are often required to replace obsolete or not performing ones. Dewatering solutions for presses are also an important Oradoc installation in many plants, as they help improve the dry percentage of paper, thus optimizing energy consumption.

OraTwin destined to an important Indian customer.

OraFlex and OraTwin are the most important Oradoc products to be installed in this position, along with save-all tray. Apart from occasional commercial visits to customers, once every two years Oradoc always attends Paperex, an internationally renowned series of exhibitions and conferences focusing on paper, pulp and all related industries. It is the only comprehensive business platform serving the paper industry and showcasing the entire spectrum of products and services relating to the paper and allied industries. This year, the 14th edition will take place from 3rd to 6th December as usual in New Delhi.

At EINTEC’s booth, Oradoc is not going to miss the occasion to network, source, share knowledge and joint ventures with major players coming from across the globe, always a step forward to foresee and meet the needs of the paper and tissue industries.


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