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OMET introduces the new MF Line, the multi-folding machine

The new MF Line is available in single or double lane configuration according to production needs and offers napkin production with different types of fold with quickjob changes directly from the operator control panel thanks to the new vacuum/mechanical folding head technology. The in-line Chameleon digital printing configuration allows maximum flexibility in producing customized products with no set up waste.

Author: Omet Srl

The new MF Line is the revolutionary OMET machine suited for the production of all types of napkins made of different materials, types of fold, embossing and also flexo and digital printing. The new folding head is a vacuum/mechanical technology exclusively developed by OMET in order to provide the maximum flexibility in terms of folding options. It allows a quick fold change between any type of fold, from the more traditional ¼ fold, up to the fancier book fold. Actually, an innovative electronic system enables a quick change of napkins size which can go up to 100 mm range.

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The flexibility of the new MF combined with OMET digital printing technology satisfies all possible needs of both the and the retail customer. The new machine can be equipped with different printing units, from the basic version which can have up to 6 printing units, to the XP version prepared for up to 8 printing units. The machine can also be integrated with OMET’s exclusive digital printing unit, the Chameleon.

The new MF Line allows a quick fold change between any type of fold.

Digital printing technology allows both an increase in terms of efficiency with cost optimization and innovative services for customers. Having infinite folding products’ customization possibilities becomes a real communication and marketing tool.
Also, digital printing ensures more flexibility on orders’ execution: the ease of use of the printing subjects’ software configuration allows a quick changeover which creates a “just-in-time” management of the orders. It allows rapid job changeovers and allows to update over time, the graphic design by printing it when needed, without having to store drafts destined to become obsolete.

The innovative OMET MF Line is double lane version, thus meeting different levels of productivity. It also allows the processing of non-woven materials and all other kinds of special materials used for the production of disposable products such as dust-catching cloths for domestic cleaning, for barbers and beauty salons.

The machine’s modularity allows an ease of change of the embossing cassette thus allowing a very fast change-over and maximum flexibility. At the same time, it is designed to guarantee a high quality of the embossing, both in terms of ply adhesion and pattern definition.

An OMET Point-to-Point embossing unit equipped on the new MF Line.

The new embossing frames are specially designed with an anti-vibration system in order to ensure a longer life of the rolls. The new lubricating and cleaning system help the operator maintain constant production and high efficiency.

A point to point embossing unit is also available. It comes with a gluing system that creates a lamination effect. If preferred, a version without glue application is also available, thus creating a very soft and ecological product. An easy and effective laminating device allows a perfect plies union thank to the point to point embossing rolls which work at a micrometric controlled distance with precise glue distribution.

The machines business units of OMET are: Packaging Printing Machines and Tissue Converting Machines

The machine allows a quick-change of the parent roll thanks to a new rotary turret system. The new parent roll can be prepared while the machine is running. The new automatic web tension control allows high precision in terms of unwinding also with winded materials at different tensions. MF Line’s unwinder comes with a paper centering system that enables alignment precision on the whole machine. The unwinder can also be equipped with a revolutionary system of paper cleaning. Most of the powder on the tissue rolls is removed thanks to an electrostatic device and vibrating brushes. The system is equipped with an automatic shaker of the filter which ensures efficiency for several hours without stops for cleaning.

The MF Line is the ideal machine for any converter who wants to have the maximum flexibility in terms of production also for short runs with customized products. However, the double lane version enables to gain the ideal configuration for high napkins production.

The new folding head is a vacuum/mechanical technology exclusively developed by OMET.



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