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For Officine Airaghi being a supplier means being able to offer a service and a specific technical advice to its customers. In fact, it is thanks to a strong sector specialization that it can remain competitive in global and globalized contexts such as today’s.

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With its 70 years of experience in the stock preparation field, Officine Airaghi brings its clients a wealth of knowledge and the newest technologies for the production of spare parts such as discs and cones for refiners, spares for deflakers, screen plates (or sectors) for pulpers, sleeves for shafts, impellers and shafts, basket screens and much more. The experience acquired throughout this seven decades allows us to have a deep knowledge of technical and maintenance problems. The company can design and manufacture all spares parts for stock preparation machinery with a very quick turnaround.


Officine Airaghi product range

Refiner spares. Officine Airaghi is able to supply both disc and conical refiner spare parts for all brands on the market.
All products are made using a MILLING CNC Machine, so the pattern (bar, groove, angle) can be easily modified and changed according to customer’s needs. For conical spares, we offer a wide range of moulds as well as milled solutions (CNConic®, internationally patented). The company can manufacture every common pattern and geometry required by paper mills machineries, such as short conical fillings with shallow angle (Conflo), low conical fillings with shallow angle (Jordan), short conical with large angle (Claflin).

Deflaker spares. Officine Airaghi can supply all the most popular deflaker spare parts on the market (toothed rims or casted). In specific the company manufactures: drilled deflaker discs in stainless steel alloys thermally treated; toothed rims in stainless steel alloy thermally treated, from 270 to 950 mm diameter; deflaker monoblock castings in stainless steel alloys thermally treated. Additionally, can manufacture deflaker’s parts based on new models and castings, if the paper mill requests it.

Other spare parts. Officine Airaghi has a long history in the stock preparation field and has developed and manufactured other spares for many different machines and applications. In particular: basket screens with holes and/or slots in stainless steel alloys for any basket model and machinery; screen or pulper drilled plates in special new alloys, with better performance than AISI 304; impellers and shafts in stainless steel thermally treated; sleeves for shaft protection in stainless steel thermally treated or with hard surface (ceramic, etc.).

Turning operation on a disc refiner spare.
EFP discs installed on refiner.

Topic of interest: cellulose refining and role of appropriate milling components

The refining process can be considered as one of the most important stages in the paper production using cellulose as a raw material. As a matter of fact, refining can be considered as the only process in the whole paper mill system in which fibers are physically modified, to reach the right balance between flexibility and bonding capacity. The choice of the most appropriate refining intensity is fundamental and is dependent on the selection of a spare part that can optimize energy consumption and obtain the best results for the final product.


Airaghi IQ Screen basket.


Customized precision with milling technology

Officine Airaghi has developed a specific manufacturing method for achieving this result: the milling technology. Thanks to the milling technology it is able to design and produce spare parts specifically tailor-made for each customer, without any fabrication restriction in realization, which is not possible with traditional methods like casting, fabricating and welding.

Paper mills can choose among an infinite range of solutions and combinations of geometries, patterns and sizes with the warranty of a constant fulfillment of characteristics (both of fillings and fibers) throughout the lifetime of the spares.
The milling technology is the only solution that allows extreme customization because of the precision in execution of the new generation numerical controlled machines (CNC).

The attention for details and the accurate fillings finishing obtained by the use of CNC machine tools make the perfectly perpendicularity of bars and grooves and the consequent reduction of friction and of energy consumption possible. This will translate in maximizing the hydraulic capacity and the refiner efficiency maintaining constant values through the spare lifetime.

Another key factor is the consistency of refining parameters set up. All milled fillings made by Officine Airaghi maintain the bar and groove dimensions, throughout the entire filling lifetime. In fact the bars in our spares will maintain their rectangular section independently from wear while castings filling will not.


We design and produce various types of spare parts for stock preparation machineries


Our mission: competency, quality, reliability, precision, punctuality

Officine Airaghi offers its clients a complete and very high quality service, from the design customization and specific technical study, to the manufacturing and final execution and delivery of spare parts. The delivery time is prompt and fast, typically they can manufacture a spare in less than 30-40 working days (EXW). All Officine Airaghi quality standards are guaranteed by the Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


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