OCME and Robopac: advanced solutions for monitoring tissue plants

A great project for the most important Tissue company in South America: OCME and Robopac, in fact, have been chosen by an important South American multinational company active for years in the production of toilet paper and paper for domestic use.

Author: OCME Srl

A giant in the packaging sector, which has therefore relied on the end-of-line solutions proposed by Robopac OCME, modular and flexible systems, which meet the needs of customers. A special customer, to whom Robopac and OCME have supplied a new end-of-line installation with various robotic palletizers, wrapping machines and laser-guided vehicles with battery and automatic transmission. The installation allows to palletize and wrap overlapping pallets of packaging and cartons containing rolls of toilet paper and kitchen paper. OCME has developed a system able to achieve four objectives: palletizing flexibility and high speed, product care, traceability of materials and monitoring of the efficiency of the lines. The packaging takes place thanks to Robopac’s Genesis Cube, a wrapping machine with rotating ring that provides a stable pallet using reduced quantities of film. The pallets are individually packed and a full column of them is made up of two overlapping pallets: the machine wraps the lower pallet and then, once the cycle is finished and the film is cut, it shifts to the upper pallet and starts a new wrapping cycle.

Once the packaging is finished, both overlapping pallets are individually labeled to ensure the traceability of the line.

A destacker submits the individual pallets under a device that controls the quality of the pallet. In the event that the pallets pass the test, they are re-stacked in a second stacker and removed from the LGV. Traceability will be guaranteed thanks to the continuous exchange of signals between the LGV system (OCME pallet transport vehicles) and the loading and unloading stations. A great advantage of LGV, besides avoiding the installation of tracks, is the possibility of automatically transporting pallets of raw materials to the production lines. Among the solutions offered by Robopac OCME, there is also a cutting-edge monitoring and analysis tool. This service allows, with a remote connection and high security protocols, to monitor and control through personalized dashboards the performance and efficiency of machines and lines, faults and analysis of stops and customized reports.

Our solutions: a full range of technology and innovation

Pegasus robot palletiser with complete layer gripper.
Auriga 15CT laser guided vehicle.

This communication is possible thanks to an intelligent supervision system, fully customizable according to the characteristics of the line and customer requests, which can monitor both OCME machines and different systems by using the most common communication protocols to provide a complete overview of the line of production. In this way it is possible to control the work of all the machines on all the production lines through an intuitive and interactive user interface, usable both remotely (headquarters or other group offices) and in the production areas. For example, the customer was able to check the real-time operation of all its plants worldwide through the Robopac-OCME Control Center.

The diagnostic dashboard allows you to see the 3D layout of the machine and its equipment and identify the area where there could be a possible error. The analysis of alerts allows you to estimate the impact of each failure on production: this allows customers to find the right solution to the problem. Sharing and connection are the keywords of this high-tech experience that makes Robopac costumers’ business grow, in real time and everywhere.

OCME proposes integrated automation systems for the end-of-line that manage tissue products with optimal care

A dashboard example of the Remote Control & Monitoring system.



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