Moviroll – the solution for safe material handling

Renova’s Moviroll roll pushers are the result of continuous research and development based on customers feedback and their experience on field.

Author: Renova Srl

The technical standard ISO 11228 “Ergonomics – Manual handling” part 2 “Pushing and pulling” specifies the risks and the recommended limits for pushing and pulling activities carried out by an adult worker in an upright position, who applies force with both hands to move or stop an object. It takes into consideration a series of variables, such as strength, posture, distance travelled, characteristics of the object, individual characteristics of the operator, work organization and thus allowing to evaluate the health risks for the workers deriving from manual transport.

Moviroll MRE LPT.

In general, manual handling of loads, representing a potential danger for workers, should always be avoided. All the more reason, if the recommended limits are exceeded, measures should be taken to avoid performing the task manually. In tissue industry it happens to see operators moving manually the rolls across the plant. Sometimes there’s just not enough space for forklifts or other material handling systems to move freely.

Innovative solutions that increase productivity and safety level, while reducing maintenance costs and procedures

Renova’s Moviroll roll pusher allows the operator to effortlessly and safely manoeuvre both large and small rolls on a flat surface where forklifts and other systems cannot operate. As it allows agile handling of rolls it saves time for other activities, thus improving the productivity in the plant. Every year a wider range of models plus a range of optionals and accessories are available, all of them designed, manufactured and assembled on site at Renova, in Italy.



All application needs are different, that is why Renova offers different design models of battery powered roll pushers. Being specifically designed for the Tissue industry, MRE LPT has an oversized roller that prevents damages to soft materials. It can move reels up to 20 tons and with a diameter of 4.5 meters without any effort by the worker and in total safety, by eliminating possible injuries caused by manual pushing. All models are managed by TUV -ISO 9001.


Moviroll’s battery on-off button and status led.
Detail of the battery status LED.


Moviroll is equipped with a 24 V lithium battery which powers the 24 V DC IP 44 motor. This system ensures the operator to move about 60-120 rolls with only one battery charge, equal to 3-5 shifts, offering the advantage of free movement without the constraints of the pneumatic connections. The battery status LED warns when the battery needs to be recharged while the on/off button preserves the battery charge without the need of removing the battery.

The Plug & Play batteries allow to change the battery in less than 10 seconds, without having to interrupt operations, whilst recharging the battery does not take more than 4 hours. A lithium battery life span is numerable to 500 recharges and is guaranteed by a 24-month warranty, applied also on Moviroll. Moviroll is a pioneer among material handling systems because it is eco-friendly: the lithium battery is completely free of any polluting substance and therefore safer for the operator and the environment.


Renova: from 1960 pneumatic brakes and web tension control systems

Rotating Plate, Moviroll’s accessory.



In addition to being moved in a straight line, the reels might need to change direction without compelling the worker to use brute force in order to rotate it. Thinking about the operator safety, Renova also offers a wide range of accessories. The Rotating Plate is the accessory specially designed within the Moviroll line for rotating 3600 cylindrical loads. Moviroll can lift the roll onto Rotating Plate and then discharge it after the rotation in the correct position. With a load force of 7 tons, this plate helps in the everyday operations in the plant. When it comes to people safety, Renova is always on the front line to design innovative solutions.

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