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In recent years the tissue industry has faced unprecedented pressures and challenges such as tissue price volatility, fierce competition in global markets and the need for greater differentiation. It is therefore increasingly difficult for companies to manage their operations in a profitable and sustainable way. To help and support them, Fabio Perini and Casmatic, for over fifty years reference points in converting and packaging and MTC, world leader in the fold sector, have united and strengthened this triple capability under one brand: Körber.

Author: Körber Business Area Tissue

Oswaldo J. Cruz, Chief Executive Officer of the Körber Tissue Business Area.
Oswaldo J. Cruz, Chief Executive Officer of the Körber Tissue Business Area

The Körber Business Area Tissue has thus become the only truly integrated and global provider of advanced solutions for this sector that is capable of supporting customers along the entire value chain, from roll to folded product, from converting to packaging. Belonging to an international technology group with close to 10 thousand employees, with more than 100 offices all over the world, the Körber Business Area Tissue is able to provide advanced, automated and easy-to-use integrated solutions.
It is precisely Körber’s reliable solutions and customer service that are supporting Hayat Kimya, one of the leading tissue converters in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, to grow in the premium tissue sector in the Russian market.
In Russia consumer demand for innovative, premium quality tissue products has risen dramatically, and to respond to this demand Hayat Kimya is expanding its production in Turkey and Russia with the installation of multiple Perini Constellation™ S8 lines, supported by Körber Business Area Tissue’s reliable customer care.

In addition to lines in Turkey, Körber is supporting Hayat Kimya’s installation of Perini Constellation™ S8 lines in a new, 210.000-tonne capacity plant, set for completion by fall 2021 in Kaluga, Russia, just outside Moscow. Hayat Kimya’s investment in the new lines, including wrapping, bundling, and embossing equipment, will make the company the largest tissue manufacturer in Russia, and will help cater to the increasing demand for premium tissue products in the Russian market.

Perini Constellation S8 lines - detail

Innovation meets expertise in every piece of Körber converting, packaging, and folding equipment, for the tissue business

Hayat tissue plant
Hayat tissue plant

Perini Constellation™ S8 lines’ proven advantages include enhanced product quality, simplified line operations, and increased operational efficiencies. These benefits make them the right choice for Hayat Kimya – and have led to sales of more than 100 Perini Constellation™ S8 lines worldwide over the past five years. Perini Constellation™ S8 solutions offer the most uniform rewinding at all speeds and perfect rolls from the first to the last sheet. As a result, customer satisfaction for product quality is close to 100% and over 85% of global customers reported improved operational efficiencies of at least 10%.

Hayat Kimya’s partnership with Körber is shaping future expectations. By accessing Körber’s solutions, service, and ongoing customer support ecosystems, Hayat Kimya anticipates continued success in raising consumer expectations around quality and increasing speed to market as it strengthens its tissue industry leadership. Increased capacity adds opportunities to strengthen differentiation and sales, making greater quantities of unique, premium offerings – such as Hayat Kimya’s signature bi-sided tissue – readily available on the market as the manufacturer further extends its reach in Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, and Russia.


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