Kairos was established at the beginning of 2021 from the combination of the experience and expertise gained by its founders in over thirty years working in the tissue industry. It has grown quickly, establishing itself as a company that has focused on a precise vision and now stands out for its technological innovation and personalised attention to its customers, in terms of both products and services. Specialising in interfolded products, the company has transferred the know-how acquired over the years into its corporate DNA, focusing its activities on the demands of its customers in the “Fold” industry area. The customer demands analysed, sorted and examined in depth throughout its many years of experience in the field, represent the cornerstones that shape the company’s vision: the technology and expertise adopted by Kairos is tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Competition in the sector is fierce, with large-scale international players dominating the market. But KAIROS makes its mark using a different approach: customised products and services focused on customer demands. Excellent after-sales and support services along with rapid replacement parts give the final touch.

Kairos’ history is characterised by a swift ascent to success thanks to its determination and aperture towards technological innovation: the initial positive feedback achieved on the international markets, also thanks to the consistent attendance in all the major sector exhibitions, was the driving force behind this process and prompted Kairos to consequently invest significant resources. With this approach, the firm aimed to improve its services and develop new technologies capable of delivering its customers the best possible tools to face the new and ever-changing challenges of today’s fast-moving market. In this sense, Kairos’ strategy currently focuses strongly on investment in Research & Development: the company recently restructured and intensified its R&D activities, underscoring its belief that innovation is one of the key drivers behind growth and competitiveness. With a proactive approach aimed at maintaining continuous improvement, Kairos strives to develop innovative products capable of fine-tuning and optimising production processes in the tissue sector, mainly focusing on optimising production, energy consumption and eco-sustainability.

The imminent official launch of the Taurus prototype, the new line dedicated to the converting of interfolded products, is the first result of this vision: a revolutionary machine, designed and built entirely in-house by Kairos, ultra-compact, with a 60% smaller footprint compared to a traditional machine and user-friendly which significantly reduces – by about 60% – energy consumption compared to traditional machines. This first model targets small-medium paper processing enterprises, yet already lays the design foundations to become an exceptional production tool available to large multinational companies operating in the paper manufacturing sector. This state-of-the-art line is the ideal combination between effective energy savings, optimisation of space, productivity and flexibility, adapting perfectly to customer demands whilst providing the opportunity to manufacture different products on the same line. In fact, it is possible to change the size and number of panels quickly and easily. In addition, the low maintenance costs contribute to making this machine a highly reliable and top performing tool and a secure investment for customers.

The paper industry is renowned for being energy-intensive: with Taurus, Kairos substantiates its deep commitment to sustainability – an increasingly key topic and fundamental driver behind contemporary industrial production – and efficiently responds to the increasing demands of a customer base facing complex production challenges, complicated even further by increasingly unpredictable energy and supply scenarios.

As far as sustainability is concerned, Taurus distinguishes itself for yet another manufacturing advantage: in fact the line has been conceived and designed to also use recycled and/or single-ply papers. This concept has been achieved by using an innovative folding system that, unlike traditional machines, does not require a vacuum system.

This makes it possible to produce interfolded products using more eco-friendly papers, which is notoriously more difficult to fold. Sustainability, efficiency, innovation: these are the key concepts on which Taurus is based, the line that pushes the boundaries of the paper industry even further.

The full Kairos team.