Since the beginning of its activity, IM Converting had a clear vision of what its machinery would have had to comply with, and namely:

  • Reduction of energy consumption;
  • Reduction of the use of polluting material;
  • Increase of the overall efficiency of production lines;
  • Shortening of the investment payback time.
Complete line

Today we can say that the above targets have been fully reached and this open the doors of the worldwide market to IM Converting which is implementing its commercial action on several foreign markets. Thanks to the recent investment to strengthen our commercial network extended towards emerging markets, many requests have arisen for small or medium production systems, with particular attention paid to advanced technologies and made in Italy at an accessible cost. Furthermore, following the increase in the use of interfolded tissue products in general on all markets, we have encountered an increasing number of requests for small/medium production lines from converters who need to explore the market and therefore do not want to undertake too large investments. For the above reasons we thought it appropriate to respond with a new project tailored to the requests.

Thus, it was born the new S-series vacuum line which maintains the concepts which have always distinguished our ethics, such as: low energy consumption, advanced technologies aimed at optimizing production efficiency, safety for operators and the continuous production cycle. They are also kept other important features, such as: automatic log transfer and independent block structure allowing to reach the maximum flexibility of production and the optimal space configuration, all combined with simplicity of use and setting from the operator panel. A line capable of producing quality towels, toilet paper or facial tissues at a reel unwinding speed of 130m/min or 10 logs/min of width up to 1.5m, offering at the same time a fast payback of the investment. To obtain the maximum possible flexibility, “clever” solutions have been designed such as the possibility of cutting the packages in the machine and eliminating the cutter to save space and the investment as much as possible, a solution particularly suitable to produce facial tissues, then destined for packaging in carton cases. This new S-series line have been designed making use of the experience gained in production which led to the patented evolution of the consolidated mechanical folding system M-series, that combines vacuum to mechanical operation.

Going to packaging, it continues the success on the market of our IM Hug folded product logs banding machine, that is the only equipment we offer for packaging. There are by now many installations of this machine on the market, also in already existing folding lines supplied by other OEMs. IM Hug offer green solution by reducing the use of plastic wrapping material: it is in fact one of the very few technologies that allows to wrap/pack logs of folded products using paper instead of plastic, obtaining a truly green packaging with very high performances (up to 22 logs/min) with use of only 5Kw electric motor.

Furthermore, it can be fitted with a special unwinder of wrapping material for reels up to 1.2m diam. which allows one reel change per shift only; an optional accumulation systems for logs and an internally developed software, that allows the interaction between the machines of the plant by automatically adjusting the speeds, manage the accumulation and delivery to log saw of both bulk and packaged products. IM CONVERTING is a company that brings innovation on the market and looks to the future of tissue converting by offering efficient machines, matching the evolution and changes, in the needs of tissue producers and paying at the same time high attention to the optimal investment conditions.