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Happy Birthday Pulsar Group

The Pulsar Group is 30 years old and for this special occasion has decided to show everybody its growth over the past few years, presenting worldwide its products and its most recent development during open house events taking place in Italy, twice in North America, South America and Asia. These events are focused on “Industry 4.0” applied to the Tissue Paper sector, specifically on the new technologies and upgrades engineered by the team.

Author: Pulsar Engineering Srl

Pulsar is a company that produces specialized automatic machines for the Tissue sector, which include machines for handling, packaging and sorting rolls and packs for toilet paper and towels, machinery for processing and packaging of folded products, product handling units and machinery with special software for quality control.
In a few years, Pulsar has built more than 420 systems and twenty-four complete systems for the major tissue producers.


During It’sTissue 2015, Pulsar launched for the very first time Quatis, a quality inspection system. Quatis has been the first system available for the Tissue Paper sector for the automated quality inspection of products.
These machines can collect a large amount of data in real time and inform handlers of issues with the product or machine, allowing them to fix problems quickly and efficiently. The first results are the reduction of the amount of non-compliant products and jams in the machinery, and consequently the increased efficiency considering same operators number, working hours and equipment. Quatis machines can be connected directly to the company ERP network, to which they will transfer the information about the quality obtained. The connection allows a detailed statistical analysis about the type, the frequency and intensity of non-compliances detected, the frequency and intensity and associates them to the working conditions of the upstream machines. Moreover, through the collection of quality data related to production lots, customers have the opportunity to benefit from a unique traceability system which guarantees the quality of the supply to the final customers and manage the possible after-sales disputes.

Pulsar Engineering has installed turnkey plants for the main tissue producers all around the world

Pulsar Engineering provides also its customers with a remote service of data collection, analysis and interpretation, sending periodical reports based on a daily, shift or lot basis, if the user is not equipped with the necessary tools to perform the analysis independently. Every little step lead to a more integrated plant, which leads customers to an improved efficiency and productivity, reducing costs and lost.

Roadmap of celebrations for the 30 years of Pulsar Group.

Worldwide events

Mr. Sol Sonnenschein, the new Sales Director of Pulsar America.

Some info about the last events hold in October. The celebrations started during TissueCon 2019 at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, FL – USA, October 1-4. During this exhibition, Pulsar America Inc. presented its new team organization, with the recruitment of Mr. Sol Sonnenschein as Sales Director and Mr. Jason Jones as Costumer Service Resident Engineer. Sol, taking on this new position, will be leading the North-American office, joining Massimo Capisani, VP Operations in the management of the US branch while Jason, with his experience and skills, will enhance the local customer service on the area managed by the organization.

At TissueCon 2019, participants had the opportunity to hear Sol talking about how Industry 4.0 can affect the tissue paper industry with a presentation called “Quatis Machines: A Perfect Match Between Quality of Products and Efficiency of the Whole Line”. Industry 4.0 has been the lead topic for the Pulsar Group in studying and engineering new equipment and related services. Next, in Italy Pulsar Engineering attended the 26th edition of MIAC in Lucca, October 9-11. During the whole week of the exhibition from October 7th to 11th, the Group decided to host an open house.

Engineering, production and creation of movimentation and transport solutions for packaging and tissue

Then, the celebrations continued with an open house in Shanghai from October 14th to 18th, where Pulsar Engineering opened a new sales office with a dedicated demo room last July. Lion Li, General Manager and Sales Representative for the Chinese market, welcomed guests for showing and testing brand new equipment specifically developed for the Asian market.
After that, from October 21st to 26th they transfered to South America where local costumer had the opportunity to see the technology.
The last event of the month of celebrations took place in North America, more specifically in Pulsar America premises, in Green Bay, WI. The open house was 2 weeks long from October 21st to November 1st for customers to see the offices and to meet the staff.


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