Baosuo Group is a premium corporation specialized in equipment and technology for tissue paper, dedicated in providing complete support to paper mills and tissue converting companies, offering turnkey solution and first-class service from design, manufacturing to installation. Baosuo Group’s products portfolio includes tissue making machines, tissue converting machines, tissue packaging machines and electric intelligent systems. BAOSUO GROUP owns 6 subsidiaries and 5 production bases, including Giotto Technologies located in Italy. Among them, Baotuo company is developing the tissue making machine business very actively, ranking 4th in the market share of major global tissue machine suppliers from 2000 to 2022 with a market share of 8% (source: Fast markets RISI).

Market shares of main tissue machine suppliers in the world since 2000 (source: Fast markets RISI).

Recently, Hengan Group and Baosuo Group signed a contract for four high-speed 3650mm wide crescent former tissue machines. The machines will be put into production at the Hengan Paper production base in Chongqing city in 2024. This is another collaboration after the successful cooperation with many production bases of Hengan Group in Fujian province, Hunan province, Shandong province, etc. The technologies and performances achieved together with the excellent results obtained in terms of energy and fiber savings, have been welcomed and positively evaluated by those customers in the western market, who are currently analyzing and developing their future investment in tissue machine with Baotuo.

Giotto Technologies was born in 2021 from the combination of the experience and deep knowledge of the tissue converting sector of a group of Italian senior professionals and engineers with the productive capacity of Baosuo Group, the first European R&D and production site of Baosuo Group with the aim of offering reliable and energy saving tissue converting machines and positioning itself as a real competitive alternative for customers who are looking for a primary and reliable partner for integrated tissue equipment. GIOTTO TECHNOLOGIES tissue converting lines have reduced energy consumption thanks to the motorization integrated into the rolls which allows the elimination of any transmission device such as reducers, belts, etc. and to obtain better control of the winding cams and electronic movement phases.

To guarantee the maximum quality and the outmost product developments possibilities, the embossing laminator, TRIPLER features the unique peculiarity of being able to be equipped with three Rubber to Steel embossing units with the freedom of multiple configurations. Known configurations, such as D.E.R.L., D.E.S.L. and Point to Point as well as new and innovative ones, such as the combination of the aforementioned as Point to Point + D.E.S.L. or Point to Point + D.E.R.L. etc. The new configurations now achievable can give the finished product the highest caliper obtainable from the substrate without compromising the softness, which can actually be increased. Furthermore, the use of latest generation electronic controls combined with an unique winding system, allows us to produce rolls while maintaining the best quality standards both for the uniformity of the winding and for the high caliper retention.

Giotto Technologies is able to supply complete tissue converting lines, for Rolls and Folded tissue products, such as bathroom tissue rolls, kitchen towel rolls, JRT rolls, interfolded facial tissue, interfolded hand towels and napkins, including packaging and palletizer.

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