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Gambini presents its new AirMill embossing technology which brings a portion of the paper mill into the converting process!

With 150 years of activity in the mechanical sector, at the onset of the millennium, Gambini began to design and manufacture technologically advanced converting machinery for the production of consumer and professional tissue products.

Author: TissueMAG

In recent years, Gambini has been a leading player at the forefront of providing customers with an acceleration of innovative designs, especially in the area of embossers and laminators, of which it is the market leader. In fact, during this time the TouchMax, TouchMax Large, and TouchMaxTwin were born. Together they represent proven testimony of a new generation of solutions for the tissue industry, while also constantly evolving to adapt to different production needs that provide high standards of safety and operational efficiency.

2018 for Gambini will be another year with significant innovations, and in the name of its Perflexion philosophy “achieving maximum flexibility and performance in every production phase”, Gambini has decided to intervene not only on the converting processes but also
on the finished product. We talked about it with Paolo Lazzareschi, Technical Director and with Carlo Berti, Sales Director.


Paolo Lazzareschi, Technical Director.
Carlo Berti, Sales Director.

Mr. Lazzareschi, how did you come up with the idea of changing your point of view on innovation and also focusing on the finished product?

Up until now, traditionally, the innovative effort of our sector has always been focused on the converting process, in order to make it more efficient and by improving the performance of the line. However, we started perceiving a market need that was expected but still not satisfied, and it related to the finished product. Therefore, we started to study how to intervene, not just on the management of the operational phases but also on the properties of the tissue paper. In other words, we have concentrated on a phase of the paper mill’s own production chain, but with a view to converting. Thus a new technology was born, which found its realization in the new AirMill machine. With this name we already anticipate the essence of innovation, which gives the paper the advantages that before could only be obtained in the paper mill, improving its bulk, softness, absorbency and strength.

Which customers in particular did you think of when you designed and developed this technological innovation?

The new AirMill represents a bridge between the paper mill and converting activities. This is why we believe in its first launch phase, it is particularly suited to the so-called “integrated” customers, i.e. those customers that carry out both paper mill and converting activities. As a matter of fact, AirMill guarantees the optimization of the processes and the properties of the paper, limiting the use of all types of resources: from economic to energy, chemical and raw materials resources.
Therefore, a machine that is perfectly in line with the new sustainability trends.

Mr. Berti, do you want to talk more specifically about AirMill and the future revolution in converting?

Let’s start by saying that this technology is the result of our continuous propensity for innovation, of a state-of-the-art R&D department and a collaboration with an international partner.

We really believe that we can talk about a revolution, because intervening on the characteristics of paper has been considered up to now to be the exclusive preserve of the paper mill process and not something that could be obtained in the converting phase. Instead, with AirMill, we have managed to make a sort of Copernican revolution.

Let us better understand the revolutionary impact of AirMill compared to the current situation.

Today there are three types of paper: conventional, textured and structured paper. The latter two have very high quality but can only be obtained in the paper mill, and in return of huge investments.

From today, however, AirMill allows customers to make a kind of textured paper in the converting process, starting from conventional paper, with qualities that are comparable to those of textured papers. AirMill doesn’t stop there, in fact it can intervene on the line with a dual ON/OFF mode. Depending on the requested product, the customer can decide if and when to use the AirMill technology, with high efficiency while optimizing costs and downtime. Talking about AirMill, we like to think that we have changed the linear perspective of the current tissue supply chain. This is why our communications for 2018 are based on the concept “back to the tissue future”: AirMill makes happen “after” what usually happens “before”!

We are curious to know AirMill: when will you present it?

I am happy to announce that we will present AirMill at the Open House event being held at the Gambini facilities in Lucca, from June 25th to 29th on the occasion of the next It’s Tissue 2018. I’ll conclude by mentioning that our President Giovanni Gambini, who is proud of our Italian based company and know-how, never ceases to push us towards new goals. Among these, we are also pleased to announce the construction of a new spare parts warehouse and office site for Gambini America to be located in the Green Bay area (WI) that will be opening this summer.

Gambini researches, designs and manufactures technologically advanced machinery and converting lines



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