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Fama was founded in 1992 by industry technicians. Its thirty years’ experience, combined with the flexibility of its organisational structure consisting of highly specialised technicians, make FAMA the ideal partner to entrust with the development and design of effective solutions.

Author: FAMA Srl

Founded and gradually expanded in the Alto Vicentino area, FAMA is a Veneto-based business, well-known throughout Italy and Europe, proud of the quality of its work, the loyalty of its customers and of an area rich in potential. Offers both consultancy and supply of turnkey systems for the extraction, shredding and storage of trimmings and scraps. Choosing FAMA means being able to rely on a dependable company, the expertise of its staff, the professionalism and passion for their work, which has resulted in the creation and patenting of innovative systems designed to offer the best customer support, from design to installation.

Plants for paper mills and converting. FAMA offers it’s own experience in the industrial planning and complete construction of plants

Innovation, environmental awareness, pragmatism, reliability, dedication: this is my FAMA

It may seem strange that experience and tradition are the precursors for innovation and the future. The systems sector is complex. You need a variety of skills in addition to engineering and mechanical know-how, but experience is what makes the difference. It allows you to create new projects. The mission was and still is to innovate and increment the cultural knowledge of people and gain their respect. Sacrifice is an important component, but our greatest satisfaction lies in the trust which our customers place in our company.

Green and in-house production: you can trust our systems

An important benefit of the systems manufactured by FAMA is environmental awareness. A long-standing respect for the environment, the future and new generations. FAMA’s innovative systems are, in fact, flexible and clean, because it is possible to recycle the production waste, as well as eliminate the dust inside production plants.
Not only this: these systems promote energy savings, reduce pollution and increase safety for workers.


Trims shredder fan tissue shredders.
Tissue shredder machines.

Suction and storage paper trims and scraps

FAMA designs and manufactures machines and systems for the extraction, shredding and storage of trimmings of paper and tissue. It can also resolve all the problems that concern the extraction and filtration of the dust produced in the manufacture and converting of paper.

Solutions for paper mills and converting

As well as the paper scrap extraction systems installed on rewinding machines and cutters, FAMA can resolve all the ventilation issues with air treatment units, ventilation for motors and electric panels, dust extraction and filtration. Offers a complete series of solutions for the evacuation of production trimmings and waste as well as for the extraction and filtration of dust. By working with the key manufacturers in the sector for many years, it has fine tuned its systems to guarantee constant high-performance results.

“ST” extractors-shredders

The “ST” extractor-shredder model is a machine that has been developed and designed to extract and shred paper and cardboard trimmings and die cutter waste, aluminium foil trimmings and scrap and tissue roll waste. Produced in a vast range of models, it can meet all the requirements of the industry in which it will be used. These shredders are suitable for shredding scraps of cardboard, rolls and ends of tissue paper rolls. They are available in various sizes and versions.

“PSC” separators

The “PSC” grill separator is a static machine developed and designed to separate paper, cardboard and aluminium scraps from the air in pneumatic conveyor systems.

Dust filtration

The dry filters can be in the form of sleeves, cartridges or rotatingdrums and reach levels of “total” filtration with the use of HEPA filters. They can be fitted with automatic fire prevention systems or ATEX applications.


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