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Every paper mill can be green with Reenergy+

The first zero-impact integrated trigeneration system, 0 increase in ETS compared to the traditional configuration, -30% certified CO2 emissions.
Born from EIL’s forty years of experience and implemented in the plants designed by Replus Tissue, Reenergy+ is the new energy efficiency system that redefines the boundaries of savings and environmental impact of the paper and tissue industry.

Author: EIL Srl

Energy sustainability is part of the first points of the Green New Deal of the paper industry, a handbook of actions and objectives that allow improving environmental performance and at the same time restoring competitiveness to the sector.

Today, every plant is actively looking for forms of energy saving, not only to contain costs but also to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. And it is exactly in this transition phase that it is possible to implement a new model of integrated production, guaranteeing an important increase in terms of production efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Thanks to an innovative energy production system, which makes the plant completely autonomous, Reenergy+ is the technology that places an energy plant at the centre of the project that alone is capable of producing thermal and electrical energy.

Proven ability to deliver complex projects on a worldwide basis

A perfectly keyed turbine inside the plant will be the beating heart of the entire production, without affecting the quantity and quality of the paper in the least. The system created by EIL and also implemented in the Replus Tissue turnkey plants works in parallel with the traditional system.
In the event of a turbine failure, the control system will produce thermal energy with latest-generation post combustors, guaranteeing continuity of production with reduced emissions.
In this way, there will be no interruptions in the production of the paper machine.
A plant with Reenergy+ is completely autonomous and, without the need to use additional resources for the facility, guarantees incredible and certified results. For the company and for the planet.

The future is green

The balance between ecology and productivity is fragile. This is what drives EIL to increasingly commit itself to safeguarding the planet’s energy resources and winning the challenge on climate change, acting in a truly responsible way but without affecting companies’ production performance.
The Reenergy+ system is fully part of the new sustainable efficiency objectives dictated by the Energy Roadmap 2050, the document drawn up by the European Commission that sets a low-carbon economy as a goal by 2050. Indeed, already today Replus Tissue plants with Reenergy+ comply with the coefficients outlined in the energy roadmap in the 80% reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere and 40% reduction of production energy costs. The present of the Blue Economy.

EIL with Replus Tissue: a group that shines thanks to Reenergy+

Reenergy+ is therefore born from absolute competence. Not surprisingly, it is a unique solution of its kind on the world market.
Supported by a sophisticated R&D team with proven experience, backed by the passion and constant commitment of over one hundred employees, Reenergy+ completes every existing production plant right from the design phase, or can make a new production plant energetically autonomous. Integrated design offers clear competitive advantages.

High technological content of product, efficiency of implementation and easy management

With Replus Tissue, Reenergy+ finds a new dimension to design tissue plants on the specific needs of the individual customer, with technical and process solutions that go hand in hand with automation, in a path of innovation in which people – and not machines – are at the heart of the tissue industry. This ReHumanization of tissue is the starting point for Reenergy+, winning the challenge of making a tissue plant green and thus generating enormous value.


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