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Energy saving as a resource to release more resources

Energy efficiency and saving to offer a quick depreciation of technological investments. This is the innovative approach guaranteed by Mingazzini thanks to more than 90 years of experience.

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Innovation is increasingly green, not only for the reduction of environmental impact, but also to free up important resources, thanks to efficiency and energy savings, thus ensuring the depreciation of technological investments through the reduction of management costs. This is the solution proposed by Mingazzini, a Parma-based company that has almost a century of history and a great number of installed boilers at the international level (with over 10,000 plants built), which makes it a point of reference in the field of steam boilers for industrial use, both for the quality of the products supplied and for the advice that accompanies each stage of the process, from conception to design, until the equipment is put into operation. The deep knowledge of the global market and its evolution allows Mingazzini to respond to new demands, increasingly perceived as stringent needs. Among these, energy savings, understood as lower consumption but also greater availability of resources to invest on more strategic fronts in a highly competitive scenario. In fact, optimisation and cost reduction can be tantamount to greater freedom of manouvre. For this reason Mingazzini has always been attentive not only to environmental issues, but also to customised consultancy for the creation of boilers and systems to best meet the needs of the individual customer, in an extremely dynamic way and with an eye to the operating costs as well. Eco-sustainability is a matter to which Mingazzini responds with increasingly advanced systems, which are high-performing in energy saving and respectful of the environment.

Steam boiler PB series equipped with economiser.
Steam boiler PB series equipped with economiser.

Our history and know-how to answer to every new and challenging need of the customer

The maximum focus is on the increase of exclusive systems for energy recovery that are flexible and tailored to the needs of individual customers and industrial sectors, in addition to the development of the most innovative combustion systems with progressive reduction of emissions into the atmosphere. If on the one hand it is important to minimize the purchase costs with systems designed and built specifically for the needs of the customer, on the other hand it is essential to help companies to save energy, so as to reduce and optimize consumption, a relevant expenditure item. The outcome is a very efficient plant, resulting from in-depth technical analysis that allow a detailed study of production needs and the consequent efficiency of the plant. In this regard, the company has carried out numerous successful projects, leaving a tangible sign of its know-how in important areas of the production sector, with particular reference to food, textiles, paper, pet food, chemical-pharmaceutical, just to name a few.

Steam boiler PB series,
with 30 ton/h steam output and 18 bar rated pressure.
Atmospheric deaerator DV series,
complete with degassing tower.

The case of Latteria Soresina, the first producer in the world of the renowned Grana Padano and leader in other Italian specialties, testifies the level of efficiency and energy saving.

Although 10 years ago the direct verification of combustion, a high-performance use of recovery units and the installation of devices for the final control of combustion fumes had already brought a net saving of about 10% of electricity and 5% of methane gas throughout the company, the technological evolution in view of the concept Industry 4.0 led to the interconnection of power plants and real-time analysis of data.

Mingazzini, a steam boiler company market leader in Italy and Europe

By connecting the steam boilers to the network and centralizing all the equipment, it was possible to constantly monitoring the systems, the performance, the consumption, the levels and all the parameters, in order to ensure the maximum result. With this interface you can control the steam boilers also remotely, adjusting each plant according to the production flows and to the required daily performance, even using a common device such as a computer, mobile phone or tablet, drastically reducing waste and consumption for each plant. An extremely modern and competitive result, coupled with a further added value: the possibility of tracing the specific consumption, that is the kilos of steam produced per cubic meter of natural gas, creating a historical record over time, so as to verify the performance and analyze any deviations, also being able to implement a predictive and smart maintenance in the name of maximum energy saving and respect for the environment.

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