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Druckfarben Ltd, leader in the microencapsulation process in Italy and present on the Italian market and abroad since 1971, offers you cutting edge technology to ennoble your paper supports

Using the “microencapsulation” technology Druckfarben allows paper mills, converters and printers to render the paper offered to their customers unique.

Author: Druckfarben Ltd

Any type of paper, any grams

Do you want to perfume some paper or to ennoble it with a soothing or sanitizing substance? Do you want the paper to release these substances even after years without the risk that they evaporate or get damaged due to the contact with light and air?

It is enough to microencapsulate these substances before inserting them inside or coating the paper through the most common production, printing or paper converting systems. Using the Druckfarben microencapsulated fragrances you can obtain scented paper that releases the scent for years. The fragrances can be chosen from a list of more than one hundred perfumes ready for delivery.

Using the system ‘caress & smell’ the release of the fragrance is guaranteed even months after application

Druckfarben, the microencapsulation technology

Do you want to personalize paper with your own perfumes? No problem, just provide us with your oil-soluble perfume and in a short time you will have your customized microcapsules ready to be added to your dough. Druckfarben microcapsules have a size of a few microns and they can be applied on paper in different ways: during paper production with the “size press”, sprayed or coated on paper by flexo group.

Microencapsulating a substance decreases its evaporation and makes the work environment safer. Microencapsulating a substance allows it to be released without time constraints, making it resist external agents.

Druckfarben microcapsules withstand temperatures above 200 °C and therefore they protect the substance contained within them from evaporation during processing cycles, where high temperatures would make the use of substances subject to evaporation useless.

The paper-making industry has shown considerable interest in microencapsulation technology

Only fragrances?

No, you can also microencapsulate essential oils and substances such as Aloe, Ginseng, Argan Oil, Almond oil, Arnica, Nigella, Passion Fruit, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Caffeine, Lemongrass, Propolis, Alga Laminaria, masking odors… in a nutshell any oil-soluble substance that you want to preserve and allow its emission in time from the application on the paper support. We also have blends of essential oils recognized in aromatherapy for their naturally sanitizing power. We microencapsulate any kind of oil-soluble substances provided by our customers but we can also supply them upon request. What products can be proposed with scented paper? Shopper bags that release the customer’s scent during use even after some time, tissue papers with sanitizing treatments, handkerchiefs that release emollient mixtures, notebooks, books, scented catalogs, boxes that smell like the product they contain, scented tissue papers, recycled paper that needs an odor neutralizer and more.


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