Companies in the paper industry, forced to abandon traditional motor-driven vehicles mainly for environmental reasons, are choosing the large capacity electric forklift trucks produced by Carer Forklift. This is mainly due to the compact dimensions of the vehicles (much smaller even at the same capacity than endothermic powered vehicles) and to the long and unrivaled autonomy offered by the 96 v and 120 v lead acid batteries and lithium batteries.
Carer Forklift trucks are able to guarantee the capacities needed to handle reels, up to high lifting heights, even with single front tires. Compared to trucks equipped with twin and therefore wider front tires (note: the Z, F and A series trucks are mm. 1,670 to mm. 1,830 wide), these vehicles, as wide as the reels, offer the advantage of being able to store much more material in the same amount of space. The elimination of noise and pollution, with the reduction of dust inside the sheds, make work less stressful for the operator.
A trend that is set to grow. We are now going to outline some of the examples from the Carer Forklift’s catalogue that display the extraordinary efficiency of this kind of application.

  • The A Series (mainly with the A 70 X andA 80 X models) is ideal for working with high performance both in outdoor spaces and on the irregular factory floors. It features up to 7.5 m lifting masts designed for handling coils by grippers. It also offers the highest residual capacities at maximum height among all the vehicles in this capacity range available on the market.
  • The Z Series provides other optimal solutions for paper mills. It includes super-compact trucks that feature high seating and can result extremely comfortable for an operator often involved in daily shifts. The range of capacities for the paper industry ranges primarily from the 6 t of the Z 60 H2 to the 8 t of the Z 80 H2 and enables long work sessions thanks to great autonomy, cost control and zero emissions.
  • The F Series is equally performing in paper industry plants. Compared to the Z Series, it features lesser loading vehicles, and is ideal for those applications where the forklift driver frequently needs to get in and out of the seat during work shifts.

The F series is available in two engine types: H, for lighter handling and HD² (short for “Heavy Duty”), designed for heavier operations. The vehicles are totally ergonomic, thanks to cabs equipped to reduce vibration. The driving operator has a broad view and has easy access to driving instruments, thanks to Carer Forklift’s range equipment.
The above-mentioned truck series are available in capacities ranging up to 16 tons. And if you have any specific requirement, Carer Forklift makes customization its added value, thanks to a special technical department.
The Italian company is always able to customize a suitable solution starting from your needs.
Please contact Carer Forklift. Specialized technicians will be pleased to reach you, also for a free inspection.