As we navigate the Middle East’s dynamic economic landscape, the paper and tissue market stands out as a sector undergoing significant growth and transformation. Driven by changing consumer preferences, environmental considerations and advancements in technology, this industry has experienced notable shifts. Innovation is paramount in the pulp and paper industry, a globally significant and energy-intensive sector. To achieve success, companies must prioritize novel manufacturing processes, emphasizing the optimization of operating costs and resources for sustained competitiveness. Adherence to stringent environmental regulations is equally vital.
Continuous investment enables companies to implement sustainable practices, effectively reducing waste.

In Cannon Group, we support the sector’s companies in their choices, helping them with solutions configured specifically for their real needs and objectives. CANNON BONO ENERGIA is dedicated to designing and manufacturing industrial boilers for standard and special applications, including plug-in and package solutions. All products are manufactured in Italy with a commitment to energy saving, energy efficiency improvement, emission reduction and low environmental impact.

Since 2015, our local company Cannon Middle East, has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge boilers and exceptional services to the pulp and paper industry. Maintaining a global presence through local agents and branch offices enables us to provide support throughout the entire life cycle of the installations, offering a wide range of aftermarket services that ensure asset efficiency and optimum service lifetime. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we have consistently strived to exceed industry standards for our clients. We take pride in offering annual maintenance contracts designed to provide our clients with uninterrupted operations. Notably, our commitment to service excellence is exemplified by our 24-hour response time for service within the UAE and 48 hours for the rest of the Middle East. This ensures that our clients receive prompt and reliable support whenever the need arises.

Our proficiency extends to providing comprehensive engineering services: we offer innovative solutions that optimize performance, reliability and safety, thus contributing to overall operational efficiency. In addition to our technical expertise, we boast a robust support infrastructure that includes an assistance center, warehouse and extensive spare parts inventory. This ensures that our clients have access to the resources they need to address any operational requirements promptly.

Cannon Bono Energia – Fire Tube Steam Generators SG series.

With extensive experience in the pulp and paper sector, we offer a range of fire tube generator solutions and expert services for both new and existing facilities. The Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill chose our fire tube generators: an SM800 series boiler, producing 8 t/h of steam at 18 barg pressure for their drying process, alongside a larger one, an SG1500 series, producing 15 t/h of steam at 18 barg.

Saudi Paper Manufacturing chose our SG2000 (20 t/h @20 barg) boiler to work to power a completely new production line, depicting the superior qualities of our equipment. Our dedication to guaranteeing seamless operation extends beyond just providing the boiler: from initial installation and setup to ongoing maintenance and technical support, all designed to meet the specific needs of your industry, our services cover the complete lifecycle. In both these projects, we integrated our boilers with economizers or the HE Smart package to optimize energy use and align with global sustainability goals, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to energy management. These choices not only improve operational performance but also contribute to resource conservation and environmental stewardship, setting a commendable example for the broader industrial landscape.

Moreover, our expertise extends to revamping and upgrading existing facilities, where we leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience, boosting efficiency and performance. We stand as a testament to unwavering dedication and excellence in the pulp and paper industry. Our commitment positions us as the premier partner for businesses seeking unparalleled solutions.