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BonMatic. The newly efficient Compact Pneumatic Doctor Oscillator

All paper makers know how important it is to oscillate doctor systems on paper machines.

Author: Bonetti SpA

The purpose of oscillation is to improve doctoring efficiency in roll cleaning, sheet shedding and water removal. Oscillation ensures that the blade wears evenly keeping the linear pressure across the blade tip constant. Oscillation also aids in keeping the blade tip sharp, which allows for a lower operating temperature with less friction, prolonging roll life and blade life.

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In the past, oscillators used a pneumatic system called Air Bag Bellows Oscillator that was inexpensive but was not reliable due to jerky oscillating strokes. Most common systems today are Electro-Mechanical Oscillators which have a smooth oscillation stroke but are expensive to maintain, due to the failure of the electrical gear motor and other mechanical components. Today many papermakers are in the process of upgrading their systems with Pneumatic Doctor Oscillators.

Bonetti developed a new, efficient, compact pneumatic doctor oscillator called BonMatic, which can be used in all positions of the paper machine, from the wet-end to the dry-end. Operating temperature can range from +5 °C to +150 °C.

BonMatic is available in two sizes, for standard and heavy-duty applications. For each size, 3 different oscillating strokes are available: +/-5mm, +/-8 mm, +/-10 mm. Oscillating speeds can be adjusted, with thrust up to 22kN at 6 bars (working range is from 2 to 10 bar). Heavy-duty, Double Pneumatic Oscillators are designed for wide machines and particularly suitable for big Tissue Machines in the Creping, Take Off and Cleaning positions.

BonMatic is very compact and smooth in its movements and requires little maintenance.
The system does not require electric power – only a single mill air source line, along with good air-filtration. No separate control cabinet is required.

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Due to its stainless steel AISI 316L construction, BonMatic is strong and durable.

The system is easy to maintain, as maintenance crews typically only need to keep the oscillator air supply clean and change Viton Seals after their normal life circle. BonMatic can be easily installed and there is no need to stock multiple electrical motors with different configurations for each position of the paper machine. The BonMatic is a great way to upgrade from a static to an oscillating doctor system.

You will be pleased with its easy installation, minimal maintenance and superior performance. Simply remember to change the doctor bearings to self- aligning, reciprocating ball bearings and housing. A wide variety of different mounting flanges and couplings are available to retrofit most of the different applications on the market. At Bonetti, we are very proud to say that all the above products are Made in Bonetti.

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