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Baosuo Enterprise Group provide papermaking system to Lee & Man Group

Provide Main Equipment to Shaoneng Group Leiyang Cailun Papermaking Project.

Author: Baosuo Paper Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd.

Baosuo Enterprise Group is a well-known corporation specialized in provide paper machine, tissue converting machine, tissue packing machine, and electric intelligent system, established in 1989. As a turnkey solution supplier in China for high-end household paper machinery, Baosuo Enterprise is dedicated in provide the best tissue production turnkey project and first-class service from design, manufacturing to installation.

Baosuo Enterprise Goup – Sanshan Headquartes

Baosuo Enterprise Group provide paper machine project with an annual output of 310,000 tons to Jiangxi Lee & Man Sanitary Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and Chongqing Lee & Man Sanitary Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd. under Lee & Man Group since 2017. These projects are:

  • Jiangxi Lee & Man Base added 120,000 tons of high-end household paper project: 6 sets of BC1300-2850 Crescent Former Tissue Machine, with a total production capacity of 120,000 tons;
  • Jiangxi Lee & Man Base added 60,000 tons of high-end household paper project: 3 sets of BC1300-2850 Crescent Former Tissue Machine, with a total production capacity of 60,000 tons;
  • Chongqing Lee & Man Base added 130,000 tons of high-end household paper project: 4 sets of BC1300-2850 Crescent Former Tissue Machine; 1 set of BCS600-3550 Hand Towel Tissue Machine; 1 set of BC1300L-2850 Crescent Former Tissue Machine for the production of napkin paper, with a total production capacity of 130,000 tons. In addition to the paper machine, the auxiliary system, electrical and automation controlling system, and the engineering design, installation and commissioning guidance services required in the production system are also included in the scope of supply. Supply will continue from 2017 to the fourth quarter of 2020.

Our products include tissue making machines, tissue converting machines, tissue packing machines and electric intelligent systems

Besides, Lee & Man Group will continue to purchase paper machines produced by Baosuo Group in multiple bases at home and abroad to meet their requirement for the tissue industry. Lee & Man Group is involved in many industries, and has become a multinational company with an annual production capacity of more than 7.165 million tons in the paper industry(packaging paper 6.26 million tons, pulp 180,000 tons, household paper 725,000 tons).

It is estimated that by the end of this year, Lee & Man Group’s annual production capacity of household paper in China will exceed 1 million tons. The excellent performance of Baosuo Enterprise Group’s equipment, the existing foundation of successful cooperation and fast-response services are the reasons for the continuous procurement of Lee & Man Group. The cooperation between the two parties in the paper industry is comprehensive, closely linked and pleasant. The excellent enterprises can always receive the attention and appreciation of major groups which leads to the realization of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.


BC1300 - BC1600 Crescent Former Tissue Machine
SF12 Suction Former Tissue Machine

We uphold the business strategy of basing on domestic market and going global

Guangdong Shaoneng Group Co. Ltd. is a listed company focusing on energy (clean energy, renewable energy, conventional energy), ecological plant fiber products (safe and healthy paper products), and investment, development as well as operation of precision (smart) manufacturing. In the first quarter of 2020, Baosuo Enterprise Group provided a total of 16 sets of main papermaking equipment to Shaoneng Group’s Leiyang Cailun papermaking project, including the following models: 12 sets of BC1600-2850 Crescent Former Tissue Machine; 2 sets of SF12-1100 Suction Former Tissue Machine; 1 set of BC1200-2850S Double Dryer Hand Towel Tissue Machine; 1 set of BC1400-3900 Crescent Former Tissue Machine. The total production capacity is 300,000 tons. The project is located in Leiyang, the hometown of Cai Lun, it is known as the “Paper Capital” and has a profound papermaking culture and rich bamboo resources. With a total investment of 3 billion yuan and a construction scale of 500,000 tons of household paper per year, this project is one of the largest single investment projects among China household papermaking projects. After the project is fully completed, the annual output value can reach more than 10 billion yuan, meanwhile, a large number of jobs can be provided.


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