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Baosuo Enterprise Group delivered Taisheng Group the first China’s high speed jumbo roll slitting rewinder with machine width 5600mm, machine model Baosuo PF-EG

Recently, one PF-EG high speed jumbo roll slitting rewinder with machine width 5600mm in workshop of Baosuo headquarters was officially delivered to Taisheng Group

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Taisheng Group is one of Baosuo Enterprise Group’s highly valued and concerned partners and both parties have launched many in-depth cooperations in the field of household paper. The delivery of China’s first 5600mm width high speed jumbo roll slitting rewinder, model PF-EG, once again embodies the concept of mutual trust, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation between the two parties. With well-built products and ultimate service of Baosuo Enterprise Group, it is believed that Taisheng Group will be further consolidated and strengthened their position in the industry. Baosuo PF-EG-5600 automatic high speed jumbo roll slitting rewinder is a double winding-roll slitting rewinder; the web paper is unwinded on one or more unwind stands, then to be slitted longitudinally and to be rewinded to the core. The slitting rewinder is designed with modular; the rewinding section, slitting section and unwind stand is relatively independent, which can be flexibly changed according to production need.

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The layout of Baosuo PF-EG-5600 automatic high speed jumbo roll slitting rewinder


Rewinding section: the rider roll is installed on a linear guide rail and its lifting and descending is hydraulic controlled. The pressure of the rider roll to the finished jumbo roll can be changed by adjusting the hydraulic pressure output.
The in-and-out of the core chuck is hydraulic controlled as well, its lifting and descending is controlled by another different set of hydraulic cylinders and its mounting frame is fixed on the linear guide rail. The blowing device blows the cutting paper between the two winding rolls for the next rewinding.

Slitting section: the web paper enters the slitting section from the feed rolls, passes through the idle roll in the slitting section, to be smoothened before slitting. The paper is slitted by a rotating shear-type slitting blade; each set of lower blade is installed on an external rotor motor imported from Germany and each upper blade is installed on a separate support, its opening and closing against to the bottom blade, as well as the pressure are all controlled by air cylinder.

Unwind stand: it is belt type; the unwinding arm is equipped with 3 pulleys to support the belt and is pneumatically controlled to absorb the pressure between the belt and the paper caused by irregular circular shape of jumbo roll. The unwinding belt can rotate in clockwise and counterclockwise direction. Also, the unwind stand is equipped with the jumbo roll shaft rejection device which can improve the efficiency of replacing the jumbo roll. The centering movement of the jumbo roll is operated through the control panel and each unwind stand is equipped with photoelectric switches for paper break detection.

Electrical system: this machine selects full communication configuration plan and adopts public rectifier braking system. Based on the fully integrated automation system platform, all PLC programming, configuration, HMI are highly integrated with powerful functions. It allows the programming can be more easier and the maintenance to be more convenient.


Rewinding section
Slitting section

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Baosuo Enterprise Group is the first company in China to launch the high speed jumbo roll slitting rewinder with machine width 5600 mm.
According to the chief engineer of Baosuo Enterprise Group for the project, the PF-EG-5600 automatic high speed jumbo roll slitting rewinder delivered at this time is developed and improved on the basis of the PF-FB automatic high speed jumbo roll slitting rewinder. It is more mature and reliable. This model is an unconventional high speed slitting rewinder, and it also breaks the technological monopoly of foreign counterparts in this field, thus it greatly improves the competitiveness of Chinese slitting machines in the international market. At the same time, the significant results have been achieved in reducing comprehensive energy consumption, improving product stability and operating safety.

The machine adopts full hydraulic control on rewinding, with high-precision diameter and paper length shutdown control; the design speed is up to 1000 m/min, which will bring higher economic benefits to users!


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