Indian customers rely on the Voith Paper Webshop for a quick and easy ordering process

Indian customers rely on the Voith Paper Webshop for a quick and easy ordering process

Customers worldwide order products and services in real time in the Voith Paper Webshop. In addition to spare and wear parts, fabrics can also be purchased via the application with just one click for over a year now.

Chandpur Enterprises Ltd. has been benefiting from the expansion of the product portfolio in the Voith Paper Webshop since March. “With the help of the personalized menu and the order history, we can now quickly identify our fabrics, order them and track the delivery status around the clock,” says Mr. Devesh K. Singhal, Technical Director of Chandpur Enterprises Ltd.. “We are very satisfied with the Voith Paper Webshop and the cooperation with the Voith experts, who have been flexible to our requirements.”

In addition to Chandpur Enterprises, other Indian customers have already integrated the Voith Paper Webshop into their ordering process. In total, more than 180 customers already rely on the digital application. In the personalized “My Shop” section, the paper manufacturers can find all the necessary information from the original and current condition of the equipment as well as the order and quotation history, drawings, manuals and contracts.

Mr. Devesh K. Singhal confirms the advantages: “Initially, we were not sure whether we should convert our previous ordering processes to the webshop and digitize them. However, we then decided in favor of the Voith Paper Webshop, because we were completely convinced by the functionality as well as the very clear user guidance. In addition, the onboarding process and subsequent registration of the individual users went smoothly. We are glad to have taken this step.”

The Voith Paper Webshop is characterized by the highest data security standards. Different options can be booked depending on customer requirements. “Our goal is to enable our customers to optimize production with minimized downtimes,” sums up Mr. Gaurav Singh, Senior Executive Sales & Service India at Voith Paper. “One building block for this is the quick and easy ordering of fabrics. We offer customer-specific solution packages, which we are continuously developing further on a region-specific basis. The integration of the Webshop can be done smoothly for any customer worldwide.”


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