How A.Celli can revolutionize your packaging system (and not only)

by: Andrea Ruggiero, A.Celli

How A.Celli can revolutionize your packaging system (and not only)

There are numerous companies in the tissue, paper and nonwoven reel packaging sector, but few of them have experience with upstream processes. For this reason, relying on a supplier who does not know in depth the product to be handled and packaged may not be convenient in the long term. In this article we will explain why you should entrust the packaging system – and not only – to a single supplier like A.Celli.

Why turn to a single supplier for the packaging system and for the upstream and downstream processes

Choosing a single supplier that takes care of the entire paper and tissue production plant, the end-of-line of a nonwoven production line and automatic packaging and warehouse management systems can ensure you numerous advantages. Among these we can list:

>> Simplified installation and maintenance processes: during the installation phase, the chosen supplier will be able to coordinate all activities avoiding overlaps and inefficiencies. Maintenance will also be simplified, as the supplier who designed the system will have the necessary know-how to keep its efficiency at optimal levels.

>> In-depth knowledge of the upstream production process: as we mentioned earlier, a supplier who, in addition to supplying the packaging system, develops and manufactures machinery used for production, knows the process and the characteristics of the specific materials made that must subsequently be handled and packaged. Hence the development of ad hoc solutions in the packaging phase to handle the different materials appropriately without damaging them or compromising their quality in any way.

>> Correct sizing of the entire production line: the packaging system and the upstream and downstream solutions are designed and developed keeping in mind the specific production needs of the customer, with the aim of obtaining a correct sizing of the various components. The entire system therefore works optimally, ensuring maximum efficiency and eliminating the occurrence of bottlenecks in production.

>> Single responsibility for the entire supply: the customer will interface with a single company that will guarantee the performance of the entire plant, from the initial phase to the packaging and storage of the finished product.

>> Integrated and interconnected system: by rely on a single supplier, it will be possible to ensure the interconnection and integration of hardware and software / IT between the various machines, without the risk of information loss during the production phase.

>> Less resources used – and associated costs – for supplier management: in the presence of multiple suppliers, the company will have to allocate personnel to be assigned to their coordination, both technical and logistical. By adopting a single supplier it will therefore be possible to reduce both management and personnel costs and the risk associated with any supply errors.

A.Celli R-WAY® Automatic Packaging System (and not only)

A.Celli Group, a player that has been operating in the tissue, paper and nonwoven industries for almost a century, offers a wide range of solutions that can guarantee you all the advantages listed above. As for the packaging process, A.Celli has specifically developed the R-WAY® Automatic Packaging System, a solution capable of significantly increasing the efficiency of your packaging system by making processes faster, more reliable and error-proof, guaranteeing a composition of the bundles perfectly in line with the desired packaging recipe and keeping intact the quality of the reels produced up to their final destination.

Thanks to our automatic packaging system, which can be perfectly integrated with the other solutions offered by the company both for the upstream production line and for the downstream storage phase, you can turn to a single, qualified supplier for all your needs. The R-WAY® Automatic Packaging System is able to perform the following operations:

>> Transfer of the reel from the production line to the packaging area, thanks to conveyors or rollers.

>> Labeling of the outer surface and cores of each reel. The automatic application of the labels allows a higher reliability of the tracking and archiving process of data and reel characteristics, certifying their compliance with the customer’s needs and the quality of the reel itself and the various stages of value creation.

>> Automatic preparation of reel bundles with the support of anthropomorphic robots.

>> Packaging, weighing and labeling of the bundles obtained.

>> Eventual automatic palletization and second packaging.

A.Celli is also able to offer you solutions both for the handling of reels and pallets thanks to Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) and solutions for warehouse automation.


It now appears clearer that a single supplier, such as A.Celli, is the best solution to offer you a perfectly integrated and efficient system that will help you revolutionize your packaging system and the production line in general. You can thus choose to contact us to manage all stages of production, maximizing global production efficiency and product quality with significant savings in time, energy and costs.


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