Fabio Perini presents the Tissue Performance Center

Over 1000 machines all over the world connected to the Lucca Control Room for real-time line control.

Fabio Perini presents the Tissue Performance Center

Fabio Perini presented at MIAC the Tissue Performance Center, a next generation technologic environment where expert engineers, supported by company data scientists, continuously register and analyze customers’ data to supply information on the machines status and suggest improvements to maximize the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of the production lines.

Thanks to a direct connection with the customers’ machines, the Tissue Performance Center can now work proactively, not just reactively as it used to in the past. The on-line visualization of operating parameters allows a continuous evaluation of their status and helps pointing out potential anomalies.

“The customer connects his machine to the Tissue Performance Center – Franco Franceschi, Customer Service Performance Services Manager, explains – This way, output data, engines’ temperature and parameters’ settings are kept under constant monitoring. These values, compared also with historic production data, allow the Fabio Perini experts not only to remotely implement corrections to enhance the efficiency of the production lines, but also to detect possible causes of malfunctioning and to establish beforehand the appropriate actions to solve them.

Performance reports, background analyses to evaluate cause/effect and now also control on energy consumption are part of an articulated path – Franceschi concludes – that will lead us in the near future to a learning machine capable of autonomously interpreting data and of improving by its own the machine performances under every condition”.


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