Fabio Perini in Bologna: the relaunch comes from Research & Development, Industry 4.0 and “green” products

Fabio Perini in Bologna: the relaunch comes from Research & Development, Industry 4.0 and “green” products
Francesco De Luca, General Manager of the Bologna plant.

Fabio Perini relaunches the Bologna plant dedicated to packaging under the Casmatic brand, thanks to an industrial plan that focuses on Research & Development (including new employees), Industry 4.0 opportunities and “green” products.

Comments Francesco De Luca, General Manager of the Bologna plant: “Today, thanks to an important reorganization, the Fabio Perini plant in Bologna has a leaner and more efficient structure, with a solid industrial plan that will allow us to better express our technologies in a business such as packaging, which completes the supply chain of the entire company”.

Research & Development will be central in this process. “Research & Development is one of our strategic areas and currently covers more than a third of our employees. We have planned the entry of three additional engineers who will join the team by the end of the year and who will join four other high-level professionals already employed in recent months. Research & Development is already working on several proposals for primary and secondary packaging which, presented in the coming months, will reveal new features and performance.”

Another area on which the Bologna branch will focus will be the Customer Service. “We have optimized the Expert On Line service, in terms of number of people and working hours, by providing customers with a 12-hour, daily, remote assistance service available 365 days a year, in order to be more timely in responding to customer requests and facilitate their work. Thanks to this team it will also be possible, in a few months, to extend the services offered by the Tissue Performance Centre of the converting division of Lucca to Bologna, to collect and analyse customer data remotely, provide them with information on the status of the machines and suggest improvements aimed at maximizing production efficiency.”

At last, the finished product. De Luca ends: “Casmatic is a renowned brand in the industry and we have always worked to improve technology in a strategic field such as packaging. We were among the first to present a completely biodegradable and resistant packaging and we are working on further solutions in this direction that we will introduce in the coming months. The forces put in place are many, all with the aim of giving a more than bright future to this plant, expanding market opportunities and further increasing the skills of the company”.


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