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The Best in Winding Technology System
Tecnopaper has the technical capacity to study, develop and design tailored solution about  Slitter Rewinders, Pope Reels and Shaft Handling System.

The Multifunctional Slitter Rewinder
Two is better than One!: a single Slitter rewinder for Tissue, M.G. and ligth Kraft, is the last innovative technical solution effected by Tecnopaper, further to:
– a special system for adjusting the unwinding stations to the size of different jumbo reels width;
– a different and dedicate paper passages system for any type of paper;
– an automatic cross cutting system with handling device for winding shaft extraction and carton core re-introduction;
– a dedicate software for a complete control and supervision of any parameter; P.C. wide screen 22” fullHD and DCS Scalink.


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