Paprima Industries Inc.

Paprima Industries is a prominent Canadian company. It is the world leader with state-of-the-art offerings of High Pressure Water-Jet Technology mainly for the Pulp and Paper Industry with over 30 years of experience. Paprima has the largest installed base of water-jet technology products with over 700 systems installed worldwide.

Paprima’s success is attributed to its ongoing research and development of new products merged with process knowledge and improvements of existing products to surpass customer’s expectations. Paprima is the only supplier in the world who has designed a distinct high pressure water pump and a water make up system that meets the requirements for the harsh and demanding environment of the Pulp and Paper Industry.


Cleaners, High pressure pumps, Reel Cutters, Tail Cutters.

address 75 Guthrie, H9P 2P1, Dorval (Quebec) , Canada

phone 15144229555



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