Mare Dynamics

The company fully dedicated to the tissue industry to provide customers with Value chemical technologies and high quality of Technical field support.

As part of the Mare Group, Mare Dynamics offer a complete package of chemistries to the tissue industries to cover process, functional and water treatment needs. The global management of the chemicals allows new and existing customers to dedicate their full time to the paper production  improving operational efficiencies, enhance product quality, protect plant assets and minimize environmental impact.

Paper and chemical engineers, mechanical and logistic operators, production and laboratory scientists are all servicing the customers for state of the art treaments design, management and control of chemicals usage and to minimize chemical cost inpact on paper production.


Adhesives, Aluminium sulphate, Anti-foaming agents, Anti-slime agents, Auxiliary chemicals for the paper industry, Bactericides, Biocides, Cleaning agents, Coating additives, Corrosion inhibitors, Deinking agents, Drainage agents, Dry strength improving agents, Emulsifiers, Fixatives, Flocculation agents, Flotations agents, Fungicides, Paper finish improvers, Pitch control, Pulp, Resines, Retention agents, Sedimentation agents, Sizes, Sizing agents, Sludge dewatering agents, Surface finish improvers, Waste water purifying agents, Wet strength agents, Wetting agents, Wire conditioning agents, Wire life extenders .

address Via delle Molina 69/A, 51012, Veneri - Pescia (Pistoia) , Italy

phone +390572427208



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