Kairos proposes itself as a new reliable player which, in representing a valid alternative to the limited number of traditional manufacturers, can contribute to the rebalancing of a market in which holdings and multinationals operate in conditions of supremacy. The target of the company is having as its core business, in addition to consulting and project management in the world of “fold” and “rolls”, also all the “after sale service” that represents for customers, one of the most important points for a correct, reliable and efficient maintenance of their production lines.

Moreover, Kairos guarantees a “dedicated warehouse” service, creating stocks of specific materials for customers who need it and dedicated on demand services.


Accumulators, Anilox rollers, Banding machines, Bundlers, Calenders, Conveyor belts, Conveyors, Core Maker, Cutters, Cutting machines, Dished knives, Distributors (Diverters), Embossers, Embossing machines, Embossing rollers, Folding lines, Handkerchief machines, Kitchen roll machines, Log loaders, Log Saw, Napkin machines, Paper converting machines, Paper towel machines, Paper web guiding systems, Printing Units, Reel slitters, Unwinders, Unwinding and reeling machines, Wrapping machines .

address Via San Pieretto 26 Z.I. Guamo, 55060, CAPANNORI (Lu) , Italy

phone 05831520172



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