industria cartaria Pieretti s.p.a.

icP – as industria cartaria Pieretti is called everywhere in the world – produces paper grades for several industrial applications. Mainly, it’s the tissue field the one served by icP: coreboard is the paper used to manufacture the tubes (cores) inside toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls. It is a specific kind of paperboard, with particular specifications and precise mechanical features: icP is able to produce around 150.000 tons of it each year, using exclusively waste paper. One-hundred percent of the material industria cartaria Pieretti starts from is recycled paper, collected by Italian municipalities and some selected industrial partners, who grant – through a direct ownership and control by the Pieretti family itself – the best raw material supply chain.


Board for boxes and cases, Paper and board for technical use, Papers for corrugated board.

address Via del Fanuccio, 128, 55014, Marlia (Lucca) , Italy

phone +39058330891



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